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DKOR Interiors is featured in for its Miami Kitchen Design

Miami kitchen design usually means designing a kitchen that’s not only functional but beautiful to host a party in.

A few years ago, the Museum of Modern art in New York City had an exhibit solely on the evolution of kitchens. Of course as interior designers this exhibit was right up our alley. Honestly, we didn’t realize how we, the consumer really influenced the way our kitchens are designed and the biggest changes only happened within the last century.

For hundreds of years, kitchens were in the least attractive space in a persons home. It was usually located in a pretty dark and drab spot of the home. There were little if any windows in the space and no luxurious finishes to be shown off to their guests.  It was where most of the house maids spent their times and the elite tried to avoid. There were few appliances if any and kitchen tools were scarce.It wasn’t until modernization and in the early 1900’s that actual homeowners started “having” to cook. With the evolution of the middle class, more and more people did their own cooking at home and this included the typical “house wife.”

Well the typical “house wife,” didn’t like to be in the dark and the kitchens quickly moved to a more accessible part of the home. Appliances became a symbol of progress and wealth and their design became noticeable. Refrigerators were given to women as gifts and offered in colors. Can you imagine your husband giving you a refrigerator as a Birthday present???

Miami Kitchen design
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Last week we were included in a cool article by providing tips on how to bring light into a kitchen. Our Miami kitchen design was included as an example of using glass into the cabinets as a great tool to lightening up a space. Kitchen design has come a long way! Take a look for yourself at the modern day kitchen by DKOR. The article is in Spanish but we’ve provided a translated version for you.

Translated version: 

Kitchen Glass doors: Luminosity and spaciousness are some of the main advantages they provide a kitchen as well as being functional stylish cabinets. If you want to win in clarity and make your kitchen furniture less heavy, bet on the cabinets with glass doors. Sliding or swing doors, opaque or transparent, in high or low modules… your dishes and utensils most precious will look in all its glory and it is even a resource that facilitates the transition between stays. Below we show you eight ways to apply this type of display cabinets in your kitchen.

These doors have no frame and the back of the glass has been painted to achieve an attractive glossy finish. This texture in particular is called lacquer finish and is achieved by uniformly high strength epoxy paint on the face of glass, in a controlled environment to prevent imperfections.

A Modern Miami home kitchen design
Collaboration with Mia Cucina

Now that we’re on the subject… we can’t help show off some of our other DKOR kitchen designs 🙂

Miami Contemporary Kitchen 1
Collaboration with Snaidero Kitchen
Miami Contemporary Kitchen 1
Collaboration with Snaidero Kitchen
Fort Lauderdale Waterfront-penthouse Kitchen design
Collaboration with Snaidero Kitchen
Fort Lauderdale Waterfront-penthouse Kitchen design
Collaboration with Snaidero Kitchen
ft. Lauderdale Kitchen design-g
Collaboration with DnG Cabinetry

Sunny Isles beach waterfront opulent kitchen design

Miami beach transitional ikea kitchen
Collaboration with IKEA


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