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Designing a New Playroom: A Creative Area for Endless Hours of Play

We love to create inspiring and fun spaces for our youngest clients. Today we are excited to share with you this creative playroom we (literally just) completed for a loving family in Miami. This new playroom design belongs to the “Iconic Transition” project. If you missed the common area reveal blog post, check it out here. This previous article explains the concept in more details. To (very) roughly sum it up for our purpose here: our DKORistas were inspired by iconic textiles and how contemporary designers are using them today in a revamped and uncommon way.


playroom design by DKOR Interiors


new playroom design by DKOR Interiors


Let’s start this playroom tour! You do see the concept again in this creative space for the little ones; notice the patterns chosen for the wallpaper and wall to wall FLOR rug. They are reminiscent of traditional patterns seen in textiles but also in antique wallcoverings. They simply are much more fun and modern application. Their scale and colors are also contemporary compared to their original inspiration.

New Playroom Design

creative playroom by miami designers


Color Blocking

Our Miami interior designers chose to use the color-blocking effect to play off of the blue colored storage units they selected. The design team divided the walls and painted the top part with a light teal blue to help the eye transition from one area to the next in the playroom. Talking about transitions, right!?

new playroom design desk area


Reading corner in the new playroom


Playroom Must-Haves

fun flooring - creative playroom for the whole family


Not only is this new playroom is cute and attractive for kids, but it is also super efficient for the mom, picking and cleaning up after the kids! Yes, being designed correctly does not only mean that the space must “look nice”, but rather it means that it will help its day-to-day end user. Here, the end users are the kids and the parents.

playroom design by DKOR Interiors
For the kids, our designers suggested having attractive colors and soft flooring, in addition to interactive elements such as the pinboard and cute transparent jars holding nicknacks. Furthermore, the bench seat cushions and accent pillows look like the perfect reading nook for a kid!

New playroom- custom bench


Now, for the mom, yes the space looks good, but really it is super functional. The FLOR tiles are easily replaceable in case of spills for example. What about the jars we were just pointing out… Your kids will want to use them because they are fun! Just as the wire baskets that are easy to access and throw things in.

Our designers pointed out here that adding enough closed storage is important so that all of the messier items can be hidden behind beautiful, clean, blue teal doors. This all means less time tidying up for you, moms and dads!

Cabinets for storage on playroom


All in all, we absolutely love the new playroom of our “Iconic Transition” project and know that this family will truly benefit from having it. This space is now playful and functional, not only for the kids but for the grown-ups as well. Have you thought of designing or decorating your playroom? What would be your must-haves!? We hope you enjoyed this article and that it will guide you through your new playroom project!

Progress Photos


progress photos - playroom design
Desk Area – Installation

progress photos - playroom design
Reviewing material selections on site

progress photos - playroom design
Wallcovering installation

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