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Home Decor Tips: Decorating with Flowers

Flowers brighten up any space! No matter the season, we love decorating with flowers in our residential projects and, of course, own homes. It’s a way to accessorize with fresh touches that never go out of style and can be a cost-effective instant mood booster for the home.

Flowers can make your space feel more alive and unique! But, we like to strategically style with them to help them work their magic to the fullest extent. Look for those empty spaces that need a little bit of love and enhance it with beautiful flowers! 

While we don’t need an excuse to buy flowers to decorate our homes, this month of love and romance is the perfect reason.

Here are a few tips that our designers always keep in mind when decorating with flowers. 

Make a Statement with Flowers – Silvia

One of the best locations to place flowers is in the entryway. They’ll set the mood for the rest of your home, giving it a clean and fresh feel. Plus, what a warm welcome and great first impression to leave your guests with?! 

Use them to enhance your entry’s color scheme. Pick a hue in the design and pair it with flowers in that same color family for emphasis. 

Make a statement with the right flowers, as they have different meanings depending on their color and form. For instance, orchids symbolize exotic beauty and lilies represent purified and refined beauty.  

We like to go bold with tall, voluminous arrangements, but simple also goes a long way, too. You can place them in your console (as shown in the photos below) or on the floor in two to three large vases creating an interesting grouping.


Decorating With Flowers - Entry Foyer
Nature-Inspired Interior Design at Auberge Beach Condo

Decorating with Flowers - Yellow Flower in Vase
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Opt for Dry Flowers – Victoria

If you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, opt for dry flowers. But don’t be fooled, dry doesn’t mean old, dead, or ugly. Depending on the flower, dried versions can still make beautiful and vibrant arrangements to complement our designs. (Petalia is our go-to inspiration page when we want to combine flowers in different types, sizes, and colors. Check them out and start building your arrangement!

We choose dried botanicals (flowers, leaves, or branches) over roses, for example, because they last longer so we get the most bang for our buck. Lavender and eucalyptus are some of our favorite dry flower options. 

If you miss the fragrance of fresh flowers, place a scented candle next to your dry bouquet. We love statement candles that also add decorative touches to our tables or shelves. Check our favorites here!


Decorating with flowers - dresser dry flowers
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decorating with flowers your entry foyer


decorating with flowers your home bar
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Flowers Always Look Good, but They Look Better in a Funky Vases – Anahi

While flowers are beautiful in and of themselves, it’s always fun to place them in funky accent vases. By doing this, you can give your flowers a different look and feel. Try playing with various vases to get the right look: tall or small, cylindrical or square, solid or textured. The options are endless! Check out our favorites available on Amazon.

Your flowers don’t need to be extravagant or vibrantly colored when you pair them with a funky vase, the combination creates a new and unique piece. The flowers, in this case, will help draw extra attention to the vase. 


decorating with flowers with a statement vase


decorating with flowers with a funky vase


decorating with flowers to enhance eclectic feel


We have used many different vases like the ones shown above. We still can’t decide which one is our favorite. Do you have one that you like the most? Let us know how you’re decorating with flowers!


Pair Your Flower Arrangement with Other Objects – Sylvia

Whether large or petite, flowers can be paired next to other objects like books, candles, or other vases to create beautiful vignettes. Our favorite friends for flower arrangements are books, vases, candles, and objects. Anchor the vignette on a tray for a cohesive look, especially if your vignette is on a console or coffee table. 

Head to our Amazon Storefront and check our favorite items, hand picked by our DKORISTAS.


decorating with flowers in a modern style home


decorating with flowers in ft. Lauderdale
A Ft. Lauderdale Decorating Project


Decorating with Flowers and Plants


Play with Scale – Marianna

Don’t limit yourself to small flower arrangements on tables or shelves. Try large plants paired with oversized vases for a big, bold statement. Create decorative statements by placing plants on the floor next to a furniture piece. 

These are a few of our favorite tall indoor plants: 

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata): This easy-to-care-for plant only needs water once a week, but it should be placed in direct sunlight!
  2. Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa): We love these statement plants. They are perfect for those who love to attend to plants: They need regular misting, weekly watering, and a home in moderate to indirect bright light.
  3. Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia): The best tropical plant for indoors, birds of paradise grow well in low light or direct light.


decorating with flowers and plants


decorating with plants to add a touch of style to your shelfs
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We hope you are inspired to bring some greenery and florals into your home. Are you going big, boldly colored, or dried for longevity? Let us know you if start decorating with flowers following these tips and tricks!


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