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Contemporary Decorating Project in Miami’s Brickell Neighborhood

Contemporary Decorating Project in Miami’s Brickell Neighborhood
Contemporary Decorating Project by DKOR Interiors


Over at DKOR Interiors, we don’t just take on large-scale top-to-bottom interior design projects. We also enjoy working with clients on quick decorating projects, whether for a temporary rental or your forever home. This contemporary decorating project in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood was such a fun challenge for our design team. Let’s dive right in!

The young couple wanted their rental space to feel like them. They were inspired by the contrast between sterile white spaces and spectacular architectural features they saw on a recent visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which was designed by Santiago Calatrava, the famous Spanish architect.


Image Source: Casual Travelist

With such a bold inspiration point, the apartment’s location—in Miami’s ultra-contemporary IconBrickell and features interior design by Philippe Starck—felt very apropos. We presented the client with a museum-inspired mood board that showcased clean interiors in a grayscale palette with textures and shades of taupe adding warmth, grand accents balanced by timeless elements to mirror the Milwaukee Art Museum’s architecture, and reflective surfaces, like glass and mirrors.

Once they signed off on our design concept, we set out to pick the perfect furniture that would achieve our client’s vision. Tour our three favorite spaces from this apartment-decorating project: the living room, the dining room, and the master bedroom.

Contemporary Decorating Project in Miami’s Brickell Neighborhood


Contemporary Decorating Project in Miami’s Brickell Neighborhood



Contemporary Decorating Project – The Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, gray accents in rich textures—a faux fur throw, velvet pillows, a plush rug, and the textured wall covering that the DKOR Windows and Walls team helped us to find —lend warmth to the moody color scheme. Reflective surfaces on the bed and nightstands mimic the reflections of the Milwaukee Art Museum’s windows, while an architectural bedside lamp continues the theme of crisp, pure shapes and structures.


Decorating Project by DKOR Interiors




Contemporary Decorating Project – Living Room



The lack of architectural details in the living room is made up for with eye-catching elements, like the globe chair, arched floor lamp, and built-in TV stand. Layers of plush pillows and throws lend depth to the sofa, while a the FLOS Glo-Ball Mini Table Lamp illuminates a piece of art that leans against textured wallpaper to create a museum-worthy vignette on the opposite side of the room.

When decorating a rental, it’s all in the accessories—an interestingly shaped side table like the Martini stool from West Elm and curvy tabletop decorations are the perfect foils for the crisp, custom square coffee table made by CGCD By Leandro Mora Studio and the straight lines of the living room’s windows.


Contemporary Decorating Project – Dining Room



In the dining room, the Acid LED Multi Light Pendant really brings the drama. Centered above a custom dining table by Rotsen Furniture, the arrangement of organic-shaped lights in reflective silver immediately draws the eye and creates architectural interest.

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To see some before and after photos, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest Board. Click below to see the amazing transformations!


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