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Condo Interior Design: Sunset-Inspired in Sunny Isles

There’s almost nothing more beautiful in nature than a fiery sunset over the ocean. Imagine you’re curled up on a blanket next to loved ones, enjoying the perfect ending to a sun-filled day. You’re slightly wind-whipped, maybe a bit sunburned, but you’re serene, reflective, and happy. That’s the exact feeling we wanted to bring into this condo interior design project for a very special family in the stunning Château Beach Residences. As the retirement home for the heads of the family, which includes three daughters, this space is the culmination of their life’s work.

Our client is leaving a home they’ve lived in for a while, so moving to this new condo is a momentous occasion for them. We wanted to make the transition as smooth and joyous as we could. To do this, we thought about what would make them happy. Since their favorite element of their new home is the view, we knew exactly where to begin when creating our concept.

Condo Interior Design – Design Concept

Our concept of “Illusions on the Horizon,” draws from the luminosity of the sun reflecting on the water. With the location of this Sunny Isles beachfront condo, right on the Atlantic Ocean, we also wanted to play off of the horizon and the lines that the waves create—bringing a bit of that feel into the condo design. We did this by adding in luminous accents, creating a feeling of endlessness through reflections and illusion, to mimic the waves we created linear effects throughout the home, and to ensure we captured the essence of clouds floating across a sunset, we incorporated weightless elements into the condo interior design.

Color Palette

We began with a neutral color palette, similar to what you see above in the inspiration images. Taupes, grays, and light browns are meant to dominate the space, creating a clean slate for the accessories and accents.

Condo Interior Design in Sunny Isles - Color Palette

Oh, the accessories! From the lighting to the custom-designed pillows, the accents are imbued with the rich colors of a sunset over water—copper, and navy. We just love the rich contrast of the warm copper with the cool blue. It ensures the home never feels too cold, which often the grays and blues of the ocean can do.

Condo Interior Design in Sunny Isles - Color Palette

In addition to infusing the space with warm hues to balance out the cool ones, we added texture in lots of forms to add depth and interest to each and every space.

To mirror the luminosity of a sunset, we had to include some materials with sheen: glass, marble, and mirrors. But we also combined those high-shine objects with matte and weathered finishes like concrete and distressed wood on the flooring and furniture.

Condo Interior Design in Sunny Isles - Materiality

We can’t forget about the lighting fixtures, either. Our sculptural selections, inspired by reflections on the water, create shadows and textures on the walls and ceiling, just as the waves create texture on the sand beneath them.

Now that you’ve seen nearly every element of our condo interior design concept, we want to show you some spaces!

Interior Spaces




Condo Interior Design - Foyer Design
Modern Chateau – Interior Design by DKOR Interiors

Let’s start in the foyer. Our clean design aesthetic ensures that all eyes are on the jaw-dropping view. White marble and walls draw your eye right out that window. But it’s also the little details, like the abstract painting that mimics an ocean view, the pocket ceiling that conceals the drapery hardware for a seamless look, and the LED light reveals throughout the space (peek them under the painting) that lend a clean, special feel to this space. Elegance is in the simple details, after all.


Dining Room


Condo Interior Design - Dining Room by DKOR Interiors
Dining Room Design Intent – Modern Chateau

Just off of the foyer, you’ll enter the dining room, which features some of those weathered, textural elements we mentioned earlier. Weathered wood paneling on the walls warms up the mostly white and gray space, while a grouping of pendant lighting on a textured wall casts ocean-like shadows.



Condo Interior Design - Kitchen Design


In the kitchen, you’ll find more of that LED lighting we mentioned earlier. This time, it’s not just decorative—though it does highlight the stunning marble backsplash—it’s also functional for anyone who loves to cook. The kitchen is designed by Snaidero, and features its limited edition Fendi finish.

If that’s not enough for you, check out the home bar!


Home Bar

Home Bar Design by DKOR Interiors

No, you’re not in a chic New York City hotspot, but it feels like it. The chic striped Rimadesio doors you see on each side of the bar continue the linear lines of the horizon just out the window. They’re so unique and add the perfect finishing touch to the space.

This project truly has been a labor of love for our team, and we couldn’t be happier to start sharing it with you on our design blog too. Check back for more on this Sunny Isles condo interior design very soon!


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