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Before & After: A Sunny Isles Property Staging Project

As an interior design team, we like to flex our muscles across all types of interior design projects: new builds, remodels, decorating projects, and, of course, staging. Most people think of property staging as something that realtors leverage to make their for sale or for rent property stand out from the rest of the market. 

While interior designers will stage a home to appeal to prospective buyers, realtors aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of home staging services though. We often have clients, especially those moving from another city or state, ask us to stage their home so it’s ready to go when they move in. 

If a homeowner fell in love with the bones and structure of a condo or house, but the existing furnishings, or lack thereof, don’t meet their needs, we can help. We’ll help ensure the property is ready for our clients; it will fit their design aesthetic as well as their functional needs.

This Sunny Isles condo is just that—we used our design services and existing stock of furniture to give a client’s recently purchased condo a facelift. 

Let’s take a peek at the before and after photos!


While the current furnishings are in the ideal layout to ensure the great room (living, dining, and kitchen) is highly functional, it wasn’t to our client’s taste. The client wanted a sleek and modern style, rather than the eclectic mix of colors and styles in the room now.

Sunny Isles Staging Property
Common Areas – Before Photo

Sunny Isles Staging Property
Living Room – Before Photo


The furnishings in the rest of the condo left it feeling cold and a bit dated, so our clients asked us to bring warmth and life into their new condo.

Master Bedroom – Before Photo

Entry Foyer – Before Photo



Interior Staging Miami

In addition to selecting furnishings, we also do cosmetic touch-ups like paint and new light fixtures, which play prominently in this property staging project.

You’ll see in the common areas that the layout remains similar, but we’ve made some high-impact updates. What was once an in-ceiling light above the dining table is now a sleek modern fixture. Also, the faux wood paneling has been removed in favor of a textured wallcovering.

Interior Staging Miami


Blue velvet chairs and a warm wood table capture the modern aesthetic our client was aiming for, and they bring in a coziness that the previous decor lacked.





The tone of the warm wood is pulled through the rest of the room on the accent chairs, TV console, and decor (like vases). This helps connect the grand space.

A flush-mount ceiling light and floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains in the seating area help the space feel more like a home than a just-purchased condo.

Additional seating, in the form of two lounge chairs, has been pulled up to a round coffee table. The shape mirrors the curved backs of the dining chairs and softens the look of the room. Pillows, throw blankets, plants, and more also add life and softness to staged spaces.



Our client had one very specific, and common in today’s world, functional need: an at-home office. With so many working from home during the pandemic and continuing to do so, at least part-time, we weren’t surprised with this ask. Pulling together a desk, desk chair, and chairs for visitors that coordinated with the rest of the home was simple.

We added in soothing, not distracting, wall art and a plant to ensure that our client’s video call background was professional and stylish.


Sunny Isles Property Staging


In the powder room, we adorned open shelves with canisters that will one day hold their cosmetic essentials. But it’s not all function; greenery lends vivacity and life to the space.

Sunny Isles Property Staging


In the guest bedroom, a pair of brass lights add sparkle to a mostly neutral and calming space. Plenty of plush pillows and blankets ensure guests are cozy and welcomed.

Sunny Isles Property Staging


No space is too small to decorate in a property staging project to help our clients feel at home right away—and the entry is a must-decorate. It’s the first space our clients and their guests will see when they walk in the door.

So instead of a statue, a large leafy plant is the central focus of the entry foyer and hallway. Abstract wall art brings together the space by picking up the colors from the upholstered bench. The hues in the art hint at the color palette of the rest of the condo.

Home staging services can do more than just help realtors sell properties, it can help clients feel at home faster.


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