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Bathroom Designs in a Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat

When it came time to thinking about the design for the bathrooms in our Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat project in Ft. Lauderdale, as always, we went back to our concept. For this home, we were inspired by the De Stijl art movement and its leader Piet Mondrian. The minimalist aesthetic of the movement is already on display in the progress we’re making in the main living areas of the home, so we were ready to turn our attention to the bathrooms.

Keeping the main elements of our concept in mind (clean lines, design based on the grid, a back-to-basics mentality, and contemporary beachy materials), we crafted 3D models of the bathrooms. Once we were happy with those, it was time for the fixtures.

While some may think choosing knobs, towel holders, faucets, and more is boring, this is the type of thing that excites us. Fixtures are like the jewelry that adds sparkle to a room. And who doesn’t get a twinkle in their eye when someone mentions jewelry?

We knew we had to choose fixtures that would not only enhance but complement our boldly simple design. The architect we were collaborating with suggested Vola and Blu Bathworks as possible brands that would seamlessly flow into our design. Both are beautiful contemporary brands, offering fixtures in a variety of finishes.

We zeroed in on Vola and scouted them out when we attended the Salone del Mobile in Milan earlier this year. Choosing fixtures isn’t like choosing a vase or pillowthough we also take great care when we select those, too. Plumbing fixtures are used every day and are much harder to replace, so we were excited to test drive the products in person before suggesting to our clients.


Vola exhibition at the Salone del Mobile in Milan


Vola exhibition at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat – Bathroom Designs

Once we found Vola, we discovered that their matt black finish would work best for our design concept. You can see a wall-mounted, two-handled version of this Vola faucet in the design intent mockups for two powder rooms:






Picture all of these fixtures in that sleek black finish. Are you as excited to see this bathroom come to life as we are?

We’re using a similar faucet in the third-floor master bathroom. Yep, you read that right. There are two master bathrooms in this oceanfront retreat!


All of the other fixtures, which are also made by Vola, we’re choosing like the Vola adjustable shower head and Vola shower controls complement the original faucets we discovered in Milan because we love them so much.

Next up, we had a big to-do list item to check off: Find a bathtub for one of the master bathrooms. So, we headed over to look at what Blu Bathworks had to offer. After seeing their products in person, we loved the Halo Blu Stone™ freestanding bathtub for the second-floor master bathroom. You can see it in action here:


Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat


It sits as a beautiful sculpture in front of the frosted glass panels in this bathroom.


Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat


The Vola and Blu Bathworks brands offer the perfect bold and pure yet elegant pieces for this Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat. We look forward to showing you the real-life photos of this waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale very soon!

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