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Your Dream Home Awaits: DKOR Interiors’s Services for All of Your Design Needs

Thinking of undertaking a home renovation or even planning your dream home? We know the first steps in the design process can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to be made—from where to draw inspiration to which materials are best for each space.

That’s the perfect reason to consider hiring a professional interior designer. Professionals like our talented design team are skilled at providing guidance throughout the entire design process, making the journey to your dream interiors—a home that’s a true reflection of you and your family—a fun one.

Don’t worry if you have no idea how to work with an interior designer, or are unsure of what our role could be in your special project. We redesigned our Interior Design Services page to answer all of your questions.


Your Dream Home Awaits: DKOR Interiors's Services for All of Your Design Needs
Our newly redesigned interior design services page!



Your Dream Home Awaits: DKOR Interiors's Services for All of Your Design Needs
Design Development is one of the steps in our design process. Click here to see all the phases.

If you’re planning to decorate, renovate, or build your dream home, this helpful page breaks down our team’s approach to each design project: We’re always looking to create a home that meets all of your needs. With direct links to our portfolio pages, you’re just a click away from discovering our finished projects, room-by-room inspiration, and sneak peeks of our currently in-progress dream homes.


Your Dream Home Awaits: DKOR Interiors's Services for All of Your Design Needs
Check out our in-progress dream homes for design inspiration!


These pages aren’t just fun to scroll through, we hope they’ll help you identify a style you love and then we can begin to create the home of your dreams together.

We can’t forget our favorite part: the before and after section! We know you’re going to love it, too. It’s filled with inspiring makeovers from our DKOR team. This section is showcasing the amazing improvements that our designers can make to your spaces.

We even offer a detailed step-by-step explanation of our seamless and enjoyable design process, giving you the confidence that working with us will be a wonderful experience. Our goal is to guide you in a way that makes the design process exciting—not intimidating—from beginning to end.

Go ahead and explore the interior design services we can provide to make your dream home a reality!

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