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How to Work with an Interior Design Professional

“What do you think we should do?”  It’s a good question to ask your interior designer and we hear it a lot with our first time clients.  Getting started with an interior design firm can be an exciting experience.   While we don’t have a magic wand, and television makeovers are far different than real life, we do have tips to help make the process magical.

1. What is important to you in the space?

Any interior designer wants to know how to make you happy in your home.    Give some thought to each space in your home before you meet with an interior design professional to help you have a plan before you even get started.  How do you want to feel in each space? Are there key furniture pieces or artwork that you want to incorporate?

How to Work with an Interior Design Professional


2. Build a relationship with your interior design professional

We give a lot of thought to the interior design teams we pair up with our clients.  It is important that your designer can relate to you and communicate well with you.   Most importantly you should like us, better yet LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what they do than you know you can trust them on your interior design project.


How to Work with an Interior Design Professional

3. Pin and save inspiration photos

Photos from magazines or great online resources like Pinterest can help communicate the style and vision of your home.  Even if the design in the photograph is way out of budget or unrealistic to your actual space it speaks to the designer on what your style is.


How to Work with an Interior Design Professional


4. Be a part of the interior design process

After all, your interior design team is developing the home interiors for you.  You will be the one living in it and enjoying it.   An interior design professional can take your vision and truly make it feel like your own.   Be open to the materials, furniture, or showrooms your designer suggests.   You came to the professionals, who are working toward your goal of the finished big picture, trust the design process.


How to Work with an Interior Design Professional


5. Have a conversation about the budget

This is difficult but so important.  Be realistic with what you want to spend as well.  Communicate clearly on the areas you want to have designed and what exactly you want purchased for the space.  Your designer should respect the budget you set and be clear with what the interior design services will cost.  Working with a top interior designer can be expensive, but the results are often worth it.


How to Work with an Interior Design Professional

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