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Work Outfit Inspiration: The New 2020 Normal

As interior designers, we understand that trends come and go, especially fashion trends. Another thing we’re certain of, as people who work in a creative industry: what you wear to work matters.

There’s no traditional dress code in the interior design field, so there’s plenty of freedom to wear relaxed attire that allows us to show off our personalities (in a professional way, of course!).

Though we work in a creative field, we’re not immune to needing a little work outfit inspiration, especially when the workday of an interior designer is never the same! In one day we’re running between client meetings, design sessions, job site visits, and more. So, our outfits have to be both stylish and comfortable—emphasis on the comfort.

Silvia Parra, one of DKOR’s interior designers, is back on our blog to share her best tips for creating stylish work outfits. These outfits look a little different than her last round of tips. We’ve got stylish work outfit inspiration for 2020, what to wear when working from home and essentials items for a site visit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interior Designer Work Outfit Inspiration: The New 2020 Normal
DKORista: Silvia Parra


What to Wear: In-person Meetings

The matching monochromatic suit (blazer and pants) is a big trend for summer 2020. The best thing about this trend? You can transition it into fall, too, by choosing a warm-toned suit.

Not only does a suit lend a professional air, but it also can give you a jolt of confidence. After all, it’s called a power suit for a reason.

But these aren’t your mother’s suits. The suits of 2020 are colorful and patterned, allowing you to express your personality without fading into the background of a boardroom. A crisp white shirt underneath, whether a button-up or a t-shirt, completes the look.

We love wearing suits with classic white sneakers or ‘90s-inspired heels—your choice of footwear depends on your tasks for the day.

Interior Designer Work Outfit Inspiration: The New 2020 Normal
Outfit Inspiration: Blazer in navy and green check from ASOS


Interior Designer Work Outfit Inspiration: The New 2020 Normal
Outfit Inspiration: LAPEL BLAZER from ZARA

Interior Designer Work Outfit Inspiration: The New 2020 Normal
Basics: TIED HEELED SANDALS TRF and Nike Air Max 90

What to Wear: Working from Home

Working from home has been the new normal this year, and, as with everything, it can take a bit of time to adjust. For that reason, we’ve found it helpful to keep up with our pre-pandemic routines, as if we were going into the office.

This routine includes getting properly dressed in a stylish work outfit every day. It’s been proven to help you feel productive and motivated while still at home.

On top of that, you never know what video call you might need to sit in on at the last minute—and you want to put your best foot forward with that important client.

But looking good doesn’t mean you can’t wear comfy clothes, like an oversized button-up with fitted joggers or a cute matching set.

Also, since we’re all spending a lot of screen time using our computers and phones, we highly recommend blue light glasses. They help keep your eyes from getting too tired and help prevent headaches.

Interior Designer Work Outfit Inspiration: The New 2020 Normal
TOPS: Wrap top from ASOS and Striped Shirt from ZARA

Interior Designer Work Outfit Inspiration: The New 2020 Normal
Comfy Matching Sets: MANGO┃Comfy Pants: ZARA

What to Wear: Job Site Visits

must-haves for site visits

We’ve shared our job site makeup essentials before, but what are the must-haves for site visits during a pandemic? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Carry hand sanitizer
    We love the ones you can hang off your purse so you’ll never forget it and it’s always handy!
  3. Don’t forget sunscreen
    Even with a mask on, your skin is very exposed on site visits (especially if you’re a designer working the Florida weather). Sunscreen is a must-have to prevent sunburns and skin damage.
  4. Stay hydrated
    Carrying a water bottle with us at all times helps ensure we are constantly drinking water.

Lastly, we encourage our clients to design their homes around their personalities and taste, so why should our wardrobe be different? Don’t forget to express yourself with your stylish work outfits.

It’s the only way to ensure you’ll be confident, comfortable, and feel good as you set out to conquer your day.

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