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Waterfront Luxury Condo Project Unveiled in 6-Page Feature Article

We made it on the cover of OD Casas Venezuela! Our international design firm is so excited to have our waterfront luxury condo project published in the summer 2019 issue of this leading South American design publication.


Waterfront Luxury Condo - Magazine Feature Cover
OD Casas Feature on our Waterfront Luxury Condo Project


Ocean Drive Casas is an international design magazine. The publication focuses on sharing the latest interior design trends and home decor ideas. In its pages, readers can find great inspiration from stunning design projects created by the leaders in interior design from all around the world. For that reason, to be part of the magazine’s recognized group of designers makes us feel super proud.

Our Waterfront Luxury Condo project at the Muse Residences was a very special project because of the opportunity to work with a lovely international family, transforming this home into their first long-term residence. We love to work with families from around the world, so we appreciate the opportunity to share design inspiration through these magazine features.

In their article “Elegancia entre sol y mar”, OD Casas highlighted all the elements and design details that make this luxury residence a home filled with modern aesthetics, elegance, and warmth. You can read the full article in their digital version: OD Casas Summer 2019.

Waterfront Luxury Condo - Magazine Feature Cover


If you want to read other magazine editorials featuring our projects, check out our magazine editorial page, which included the first feature on the South American Interior Design Magazine, OD Casas.

More About this Luxury Condo in Sunny Isles

Muse Residences Waterfront Luxury Condo Design
Luxe Waterfront Condo by DKOR Interiors

This 4,355-square-foot oceanfront condo is located in the Muse Residences. Our design team was inspired by the wonder of new beginnings to create the home interiors of this luxury condo. All the interior designs meet the needs of this young family, including the common social spaces and bedrooms.

As a result, we created dream spaces filled with cozy, welcoming textures, colors, and finishes. The interiors are simply stunning and our team is super happy with the results. You can see more photos of the project on our portfolio page! Plus, you can find before and progress photos on the blog section.


Muse Residences Waterfront Luxury Condo Design
Photos by Alexia Fodere

To conclude, we want to thank you OD Casas for featuring us! We can’t wait to share more DKOR dream homes!

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