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Wall shelves solution for toddler by South Florida Interior Designer

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Wall shelves solution for toddler by South Florida Interior Designer

All the moms out there would agree with me on how difficult can be to maintain things organized when kids are running around. My two years old daughter, Malena, loves books and for me it was hard to keep all these children’s storybooks always organized, making hard for her to find them. As South Florida interior designer I come out with a great practical idea that today I want to share with all our beloved DKORistas.

I decided to create a wall shelves book’s solution, installing 3 picture ledges on a wall at her eye level so she can put her books and get easy access to them. How I did it? Take a look at the steps I followed below:


Count how many books you have or want to display to determine how many shelves you will need.


Select a wall in a good spot in your home for your little ones reading corner.


Measure the wall for size and compare with shelf options that will fit.

I placed the bottom shelf at 12″ from the floor and each shelf 12” above the one below to keep them equally spaced.  But check that your tallest book will fit easily between any of the ledges.  My goal was to place all her books in a comfortable height, so at her age of (almost) 3 years old she can reach all the book shelves.


Buy online or shop in the store for picture ledges or wall shelves.

I bought these picture ledges at target online for a great price. They look clean and are fairly sturdy.  The Threshold™ Wall Shelf room essentials are perfect for smaller areas.



Being an Interior Designer makes installation easy, as I have a lot of experience installing and placing these types of accessories.

Wall shelves solution for toddler by South Florida Interior Designer

My house now looks a little bit more organized with a simple and accessible interior design solution. Now that my daughter’s books are more organized she will not have any problems finding her favorite stories and encourage reading in an organized space in our home.

BONUS TIP: Nowadays, we take so many photos from our cellphones, and with more kids come more photos. With a toddler, it’s hard for me to display frames that she won’t get her hands on.  Instead of printing individual photos, I use online scrapbooking, like and print the albums to display on the book shelves to make them feel less like a toy store and more like a home.



Sometimes a small, functional change can make you and the kids feel happier in your home.  Try installing a reading corner in your home and share with us your other organizational tips or interior design ideas.

We pride ourselves in surpassing the focus of design by delivering luxurious and innovative homes that directly correlate to our client’s needs.

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