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Useful moving tips by interior design project manager

Useful moving tips by interior design project manager

Moving to a new place is an exciting moment that represents positive changes and new beginnings. The truth is that if you are not prepared on moving day it can turn into chaos. You don’t really know how many things you have, until you start packing. It looks so simple at the beginning, and just when you think you have packed it all more belongings keep appearing and unexpected things arise.

As an interior design project manager I have had plenty of first-hand experience with moving even in the most challenging of situations; such as coordinating a team of 15 guys to carry a 500 lb. glass table top into a client’s residence.  Most importantly, I always have a moving kit with me at all times filled with necessary items.  With each new interior design projects the DKOR interior design team learns new lessons that can make me and my team better prepared for the next project. To make your moving day an enjoyable moment for you here are some basic tips to help you handle any situation like a pro!


  • Do I need to hire a moving company or can I move everything without hired help?
  • What items can I donate or trash that does not need to be moved into the new house?
  • What are the best dates for my move?
  • Should I call for back up and host a packing party with friends and wine?
  • Do I need a cleaning company for the old house after the move or the new house before I move in?


  • Purge items for donation. You can get tax write offs for items you donate.
  • Start packing things you are not using in advance. Packing items days or weeks before like home décor, holiday décor, etc. can make it easier when moving day comes. Mark these boxes.
  • Label all the boxes by room and contents as they are packed up to make unpacking a whole lot easier. Mark boxes with necessities so you know exactly what has to be opened first.
  • Call water, power, cable, & alarm companies in advance to make sure all accounts and systems are up and running before you move in.
  • If you are moving into a building make sure you reserve an elevator and schedule your move with the property manager. Some buildings can be really strict about this rule.
  • Schedule a cleaning company for the new home before you move in so you get a new start in a fresh, clean place and schedule them to clean your old home after you move out. There is always trash and other random items left behind.
  • Plan where your furniture is going. Measure all furniture and mark dimensions on the floor with blue painters tape to help you layout each room.
  • If you have any big pieces of furniture make sure they will fit through all the doors and into the room you plan to place it.
  • Prepare a moving kit. This may sound over the top but trust me you’ll start using and be so thankful that you have the items you need at your fingertips.

Useful moving tips by interior design project manager



  •  Check to make sure all services are turned on and ready.
  • Begin unpacking the important rooms first. (Kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms) You can leave the common areas for last and start with the boxes you have marked with necessities.
  • You are in the middle of a move; avoid planning overnight guests until you have settled in.
  •  While you are unpacking consider doing a second round of purging and check out some options to be better organized. My personal favorites are KUGGIS boxes from IKEA. They are stackable and come in different size options.
  • Add some fresh flowers and some love and you will feel just at home!
  • Maybe some delivery too!

Useful moving tips by interior design project manager


When you are an interior design project manager, you learn that it’s never too soon to start preparing for a challenging moment like moving day.  It is easy to avoid last minute stress by packing ahead and being prepared with these helpful tips.


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