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Traditional Transforms to Modern at our Fort Lauderdale Contemporary Comfort project

Interior Design 101: Fort Lauderdale Contemporary Comfort‘s Concept 

by now, you have seen a few concept presentations on previous blog posts. We believe the best way for our clients to visually understand our ideas for their Fort Lauderdale interior design projects is to present them with a detailed Concept Presentation. This type of visual presentation is full of photographs, inspirations, influences and concepts, which truly brings their project to life.

Let’s get back to the Mediterranean residence in Fort Laudedale, Florida whose owners craved a modern interior design update. Our design team came up with the concepts of “Push” and “Pull” to draw the eye and create exciting movement.

The idea of “Push” would be produced using thick profiles and mass with an emphasis on repetition and scale, while “Pull” would be formed with focal points using texture, organic form, pattern and the serene.


Some materiality inspirations for this residence were the rings of a tree, the natural and linear cross-formation of woven linen, the glistening of a large body of water and sumptuous rolls of off-white fabric.

Learn more about our interior mood panels and furniture presentation next time.

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