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Top Ten Designer Picks – Spring 2017

Top Ten Designer Picks


It’s that post of the month again!

This time our lead interior designer, Anouk, is sharing her some of her new favorite home décor and furniture pieces. We have great news! They’re all available at our favorite online design shopping sites and all you have to do is click away!

March has arrived and so have the first days of spring. Anouk’s picks include a variety of home decor to freshen up your home. Our top ten designer picks this month combine fun planters to add a bit of stylish greenery, unique designed light fixtures with and accent pieces embellished with natural materials.

When looking for the perfect new pieces for your space, explore our top ten designer picks. CAREFUL! We hope you have an unlimited budget because you’re going to want them all.

Love these fun planters; they’re a great accessory in any room and liven up any space!

Beautiful dark rug for a light-filled room will add drama while still keeping a fun eclectic vibe!


Top Ten Designer Picks

This amazing sculptural light fixture will create a focal point on top of any dining area or even a bare corner in your living room.



Top Ten Designer Picks

You always need a thin console somewhere. These fun, versatile surfaces create a great opportunity to design a vignette with curated accessories placed on top of it. This one with its beached oak has a beachy feel with a contrasting industrial black metal frame that creates the perfect little addition to any contemporary eclectic interior.


Top Ten Designer Picks

This hammered coffee table is the perfect start to create a coffee table cluster. The metal pop will add elegance to your room and another layer of material; it will add interest and warmth to your living room. Pair it op with a wood side table and an upholstered ottoman, it will look amazing!

Top Ten Designer Picks

Great accessory for the living room if you add greenery inside, or perfect piece to be placed on your bedroom chest of drawers with some chunky jewelry sticking out of it.


Top Ten Designer Picks

Love this fun table lamp! It can be placed on any surface and even as a cluster.  Purchase a pair and place one on the surface and the other one on top of a thick coffee table book, this will add dimensions & give you that effortless curated look!



Top Ten Designer Picks

I simply love Scandinavian inspired design, and this is a black wall sconce that feels just like that; simple, design & modern!


Top Ten Designer Picks

Cool little bench to be used as an accent table or seating as needed. Fits anywhere and adds a pop of wood to warm up your room! Add it to the end of your bed for an added seating area with a pop of color.

Top Ten Designer Picks

One of my all-time favorite light fixtures, it has something whimsical about it while still being very architectural. It’s indoor or outdoor!!!

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