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Top reasons designers select Custom Upholstery Pieces

Custom Upholstery Pieces

We have featured several custom furniture pieces recently; however our recent interior design project in Harbor Beach was a special project perfect for working with a local upholsterer. In this DKOR project, the design team mixed ready-made items with custom pieces that were tailored to the size and scale of the room. The fabrics were also carefully selected to be durable, pet friendly, kid friendly, and elegant which is sometimes a tall order for luxury fabrics and elegant furnishings.

Our design team shares with you the top reasons why they recommend custom upholstery pieces to our DKOR clients instead of purchasing store bought a furniture piece.


Often times finding the right furniture piece has a lot to do with the size of your room. You may have a small space perfect for a corner sofa or large space that needs the right fitting sitting area. Often times, ready-made furniture has very standard or typical dimensions. For example, a small sofa maybe too small for a cozy corner needing just the right fit, while on the other hand a large space with high ceilings may be too much for furniture with a low height. This was our exact problem in the recent Fort Lauderdale interior design project. Our design team needed to find an elegant kitchen loveseat that was appropriate to the scale of the room and offered durability. The DKOR design team worked with our sister company, DKOR Windows and Walls to design the custom upholstery piece that would complement the design and style of the home but also stand up to the wear and tear and demands of the space.

See below the custom kitchen loveseat designed for our newest Fort Lauderdale interior design project.

Custom Upholstery Pieces



Once a design is finalized the design team considers the fabric. This very important style detail can make a simple frame look very elegant with a silky fabric or very friendly and comfortable with a cotton linen. The design concept for this interior design project in Harbor Beach was the Silk road . This design concept mixed old world elements with new world textiles for an elegant feeling that update the homes existing interior. The elegant frame was perfect for a textile with a soft feel but being a furniture piece in the kitchen to be used by family, kids, and pets the team selected a durable Sunbrella fabric. See more about this on the DKOR Windows and Walls BLOG.


The most favorable part of selecting custom upholstery pieces opposed to a store bought piece is the ability to add custom details such as tufting, nail heads, piping, or wood finishes. These small details can make a statement piece a truly personal touch. The clients loved seeing our designers incorporate gold leaf wood finish and piping details to enhance the lines of the dramatic winged chairs in the living room. These chairs frame the artwork in the background and are tailored to clients height to make the actual chair really comfortable for the client. All of these details make the style and the comfort specific to your personal style.


Custom Upholstery Pieces


Custom Upholstery Pieces



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