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Tips on How to Design a Luxury Custom Closet

Our bedroom closet plays an important role in our lives. We use it daily as we spend time there each morning choosing our outfit and getting dressed. It’s no surprise that a dream closet is on many homeowners’ wish lists. The designers at DKOR love working on newly built homes or major home transformations because it gives us the opportunity to create amazing luxury closets for our clients, one that they’ve always dreamed of and that fulfills their every need.

A luxury closet is more than a big enclosed space containing your clothing and accessories. Creating a luxury custom closet is all about knowing how to combine creativity, style and functionality with expertise. To help you bring your closet dreams to life, we’ve prepared some design tips to keep in mind when designing a luxury custom closet. We’ve also included images of the spectacular closets we have created for some of our residential projects. So take note, and enjoy the eye candy: our favorite closets designed by our Miami-based interior design firm!



As you would for any other interior space, you should start your project by defining your style, needs and layout. Review your ideas with your designer and/or vendor, taking into consideration the space you have available.

Jot down notes about the details for your custom closet design. What kind of closet do you want? How are you going to use the space? What is your process? How do you want it to look? What are the features you are looking for?

Your answers should help you and your designer define a creative space plan that takes into account your every need, maximizing utility and minimizing wasted space.


Now that you have written down your needs, and defined the goals and style of the luxury customs closet you would like to create, let’s delve into the details and systems.

When working with your closet vendor and/or designer, ask yourself the question, What will  you be storing and how do you want to store it?

We recommend that you add a variety of storage options so that your custom-designed luxury closet will meet your different storage needs (clothing, shoes, accessories, and other belongings). You can also mix hidden storage with open shelving solutions to achieve an ideal combination of functionality and beauty.

With the advice and expertise of your trusted vendor and the guidance of your interior designer, you should design your closet to utilize the available space in a useful way. Review the different available systems and select the ones that work best for your storage needs.


Once you have determined the closet’s structure, it’s now time to decide on the materials and finishes to use for your space. Interior designers will always recommend investing in durable materials and high quality finishes that reflect your personal style.


Because your luxury custom closet is designed just for you, you should pay attention to each and every detail with touches that will give your closet a completely unique look. Work with your designer to add an interesting wallpaper to complement the design and personalize the space with art and accessories.

And don’t forget about lighting! Good lighting is a major factor in achieving the luxury closet you have dreamed about. Most closet system vendors offer shelving with LED lighting. Also, if the space allows it, consider adding a decorative light fixture to create a visual focal point.


Below, let’s get inspired by some of our favorite closets designed by our design team.

Luxury Closet Design Fort Lauderdale
Luxury Closet Designs
Luxury Closet Design Fort Lauderdale Auberge
Luxury Closet Design

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