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Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Fun, Fresh and Functional Kid’s Room Interior Design by DKOR Interiors

Decorating a child’s bedroom can be fun and exciting, yet tricky. This is a space in the home that should feel welcoming, warm, and encourage development. It is a space that should be your child’s own special corner of the home that is private and designed specifically to reflect their personality and tastes. With the help of a Miami home decorator, you can create a room that can fill every need of your child, and do so in style. Here are just a few ideas to keep in mind as you prepare your little one’s room.

There Can Never Be Too Many Shelves

Children require more storage space than most adults. They have toys, books, stuffed animals, games, and many more items that will need to be organized or the room will become chaotic. By using shelving units in a child’s room, you can take care of two problems at once. You can fill wall space with colorful toys and books, and you can keep clutter off of the floor. When choosing shelves for a kid’s room, keep them low so that the child can reach what they need and so that they will not be encouraged to climb the shelves.

Infuse Art and Education into the Design

It is never too early to encourage a child to begin learning. You can help inspire them to create and study by giving them the right tools in their room. It can be a great idea to include a small desk or art table in the kid’s room where you can help them with art and school projects.

Bright colors are crucial in kid’s room design. Interior above by DKOR Interiors.

You can also decorate the walls using educational materials such as maps, numbers, or the alphabet. A really wonderful addition to the walls of a kid’s room is a dry erase board, or a chalkboard, if the child is too young to be trusted with markers. These boards can become a priceless learning tool as the child needs to practice writing or math. Learning becomes much more fun for children when they get to play with these boards.

Stick with Light and Playful Colors

Using bright and bold varieties of colors keeps your child’s room fun and inviting, especially for much younger kids. It has also been widely suggested that colorful spaces inspire and motivate children to be more in touch with their creative and imaginative sides. Your Miami interior designer can help you create a color scheme that is exciting, yet tasteful.

Get the Child’s Input, But Don’t Overindulge

As this will be your kid’s room, it is only natural that you should listen to his or her opinion on the matter. Even very young kids will most likely have an idea as to what themes or colors they want used in their rooms. However, it is important not to take their suggestions too far. Kids are fickle, and will quickly out grow their current obsessions. You do not want to cover the room in a particular cartoon character only to have to change everything in a few months. Your Miami decorators can help you come up with a compromise that makes both you and your child very happy.

Color and Themes Produce a Functional Boy’s Room Design. Interior by DKOR Interiors.
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