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Tile and stone vendor, Cavastone, helps South Florida’s best interior designers to live up their creative studio

Cavastone helping best interior designers to live up their creative studio

Best interior designers always need the essential help of their extended team and trusted vendors to accomplish the creation of innovative, luxurious and functional spaces. To be able to bring our vision and ideas into the real world, we need to find the right resources and materials that not only achieve the beautiful results we’re looking for, but also provide us the customer service we need. The material selection process is not always easy; an analysis of each characteristic, property, and finish need to be made and every little detail must be considered.

Most contemporary spaces rely on the use of natural materials to provide warmth into a space. With lots of straight angles and white walls, a wood or stone application always provides a beautiful harmony and balance within a space; however, natural materials can come with undesired maintenance or require special care. When choosing materials for our space, we needed to find something that required NO MAINTENANCE! That’s why these selections provided by Cavastone, were perfect! Unless you come up and touch them and feel the cold properties that tile typically has, it’s hard to notice the difference between tile that looks like wood, and the real thing.

Last summer, the good relationship we have developed with our vendors was demonstrated during our big move to DKOR’s new creative studio. Many of them reached us out to share their support and offer us great materials for our interior design needs. When you get to know more your vendors, you start building trust immediately and this is something that happened with our tile and stone vendor, Cavastone. Today, we are dedicating this blog post to thanking them for their generosity in the material donations they did for key spaces of our studio.

Cavastone’s customer service team has worked along with us for several of our recent interior design projects and we are pleased with the good service and advice they always bring us. Their team is always quick to answer all of our questions very efficiently and with transparency. They offer unique natural stones, eco-friendly products, and different types of wood tiles and man-made materials for different applications.

Let’s have a more detailed look at all the DKOR’s office spaces and how Cavastone livened them up with their beautiful products.


In our central park space, the design included an accent wall which helps us to delineate the area between our DESIGN LAB and PHONE BOOTH. The white rustic tile complements our design by adding a visual and particular effect that easily gets your attention while warming up the space.




Of course we had to do one of our famous “wraps” in our space, so we left this for our main conference room.  A stunning rustic grey tile from the Cavastone collection on wall and flooring fitted perfect into the design, providing a fresh and clean look into the space where we typically host our presentations.

Best interior designers - DKOR Interiors



One of our bathrooms includes a statement stone tile that gives a unique look and add a rustic charm to the wall.

Best interior designers - DKOR Interiors

Best interior designers - DKOR Interiors


We can’t thank Cavastone enough for their generous donation but most of all for their unconditional support on our projects and towards our clients over the last few years. Thank you again for all the help and support!

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“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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