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Three Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Home

As a residential interior design firm based in Miami, we’re constantly contacted by international clients who want to take the decoration of their vacation homes to a whole new level. We help our clients to create an inviting space that combines functionality with aesthetics for everyone’s enjoyment.

This time we have a special guest blogger on the DKOR LIVING blog, Eric Holdgate from Zillow Porchlight. Today, Eric is sharing with us great designs tips for all the DKORistas out there in the process of decorating their getaway homes.

Three Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Home

Three Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Home
Sophisticated Getaway – Residential Interior Design Project in Sunny Isles, Florida by DKOR Interiors

Is it possible that feeling “right at home” is counterproductive when you’re on vacation? Is it really a getaway if you’re surrounded by all the same decor you have at home? While this isn’t usually a problem at hotels and resorts, decorating your vacation home is a different story.

If you’re unsure how to make your vacation home a relaxing oasis, distinct from your everyday life, here are a few suggestions to decorate your space with a fresh, vacation-worthy flair.

Take Design Risks

Make your vacation home feel like a getaway by choosing bold colors and patterns. In sunny Miami, a vibrant color palette can work year-round, whereas coral or seafoam green might look out of place up North. If quintessential beach house colors aren’t your style, consider decorating with jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby red—these rich, saturated hues are bold and on trend this year.

Three Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Home
Residential Interior Design Project in Sunny Isles, Florida by DKOR Interiors

Beyond adding adventurous color, adopting a minimalist style in your vacation home helps prevent clutter and can inspire a relaxing vacation mindset. Decorate with a few statement pieces, like large wall art and captivating light fixtures, and include empty cabinets and closets to store everyday items out of sight.

Remember Outdoor Spaces

Chances are, your Miami vacation home has some outdoor living space. Whether it’s a patio or a front porch, don’t let the precious square footage go to waste—treat your outdoor space as an extension of the home, and create a seamless transition by incorporating colors or materials you’ve decorated with inside.

In addition to seating and tables, design your outdoor space with function in mind. If you plan to relax poolside for much of your vacation, set up umbrellas near your lounge chairs to take breaks in the shade. If you dine outdoors or entertain frequently, install string lights or incorporate lanterns to keep your space illuminated after dark.


Three Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Home
South Beach Chic – Design Project by DKOR Interiors

Keep Your Guests in Mind

How long is a vacation fun without your family and friends? Since more than half of the homes on the market in Miami have two or more bedrooms, you likely have space for guests. If you plan to open your vacation home to visitors, decorate the guest bedrooms with the same attention to comfort as you would the master bedroom. Don’t crowd smaller guest rooms with oversized furniture, but do opt for pieces that give your visitors sufficient space for their belongings.

Three Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Home
Sophisticated Getaway – Residential Interior Design Project in Sunny Isles, Florida by DKOR Interiors

Catering to your guests also means providing ample seating in the kitchen, dining room and common areas. Be mindful of the way you arrange seating; grouping chairs together encourages conversation, but having a few solo seating areas for reading and downtime is welcome while vacationing too.

Whether your vacation home is a gathering place for friends and family or your sanctuary from everyday life, design your space with function in mind. Work with your interior designer to create a space that embodies a relaxing vacation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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