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The story behind Contemporary Volumes : A Miami Contemporary Home

Every now and then we like to put the SPOTLIGHT on one of our projects and today we’d like to feature a project very special to us, named Contemporary Volumes.  This home tour of a Miami Contemporary Home project is located in a Miami community DKOR has worked in before, and the exact floor plan model of the previously featured project, “Miami Modern Home.”

Here’s one of the children’s bedroom with lots of pops of color and a comfortable reading nook.

Working with the same floor plan we knew right away that we wanted these two similar spaces to have a different take.  The clients did have similar needs and tastes but we worked hard to give each home its own identity. We dug deep to develop something personal and unique to our new clients, a growing family of six made up of two young girls and two young boys that were already outgrowing their spaces.  It was the real need for functional storage that was one of the biggest inspirations during the design of this home. This is how the concept, “Contemporary Volumes” was born. Hidden storage in large voluminous planes made of mixed finishes and textures were mimicked and balanced throughout.

This is a great example of how we’ve used “Contemporary Volumes,” to provide ample storage space for the homeowners without the space feeling cluttered or heavy.

The very present interior architectural features were the first layer of the design process. Each feature was intentionally designed to be prominent throughout the connecting spaces and representative of our concept, contemporary volumes.  All of the different volumes, whether a rich wood or a painted drywall finish “pop!” against the stark white backdrop of LED lit walls and set the stage for the accent furniture and accessories, a signature style of Dkor.  It is the blend of wenge wood, satin white, and forgiving grey textures with added interest from chrome and gold accents that bring in a mood influenced by a DKOR visit to Isaloni during the time of it’s development.

Living room: This view overlooks the front door / foyer and the seamless catwalk leading to the Master Suite on the left side of the second floor.
This living room shot shows how this “contemporary volume,” becomes a doorway into a hidden elegant fully integrated bar. In the next shot you can peak inside the bar.

A DKOR favorite, the Coltrane Suspension fixture by Delightful appears to delicately balance over the living rooms clean lined Minotti sofas.  Arravanti, an Italian furniture distrubutor in Miami that Dkor frequents had the Poltrona Dreamer chairs by Desiree that were a perfect fit between the two sofas and the Regina Andrews bench added a masculine touch.  All of these gorgeous pieces were centered around the wood based coffee table from Addison House furniture.

Here you can peak into the integrated bar, fully equiped with a panel front ice maker and storage for all your typical bar needs.

Sliding the living rooms oversized wooden single hung door panel reveals a cleverly disguised wet bar.  The very specific carpentry details of the wet bar incorporated plenty of storage with pops of royal blue interiors and an integrated ice maker.  The mirror backing brings lightness to the area and contrasts nicely to the door when the wet bar is open to the space.


For such a large family, the kitchen needed to be equal in size and very accommodating to all of their needs. Snaidero Kitchens & Design and Caesarstone counter tops delivered an elegant feel to an open space shared with the family room.  The ridge wood carpentry concealing the cooktop ventilation hood incorporated the volume design concept.  We extended contrasting finishes of the kitchen into the satin open bookshelf that connects the two spaces illuminated by the Tom Dixon Etched pendant light fixture.



Gold and silver planters by Guax and moody textured grass cloth wall paper by Philip Jefferies.

This hallway leading into the master suite showcases the art piece from the client’s growing collection.  The piece displayed here is reminiscent of tea time in a French cafe and while it may be best appreciated from the living room walking past it one can see that it is composed of a collage of small magazine and photograph clippings.


The master bedroom is enveloped by architectural volumes made of dry wall wrapped in textured wall coverings that transition into the plush leather headboard.  Within the satin white carpentry a coffee station and wine cooler are housed so you never need to leave this cozy master suite.


The room has added elements of interest that personalize the space.  The Tom Dixon, Beat Fat pendant with its touch of black and gold illuminates the burst of tangerine orange found on the night stand by Jesse.




Want to see more from this beautiful house tour of the Miami Contemporary Home ?..Check out the powder room, kids loft, nursery, and children’s bedrooms where the design concept was captured with lots of playful color, shapes, and furnishings.





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