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Interior Design 101 – Styles : Choosing the Right Furniture Style For You

Do you ever walk into your home and crave a change? Maybe grandma’s pick of the wallpaper on your living room wall just doesn’t cut it anymore. Top interior designers encourage that all you  may need is new furniture selection! Choosing the right furniture style for your home can be a breath of fresh air; it is an affordable way of changing the entire ‘feel’ of the space while revitalizing the flow and movement around your home. Furniture should be inviting, provide comfort, be practical, as well as complement the rest of the interior design of the space.

But before running to the furniture store, it would be a good idea to identify what furniture style fits your needs as well as your taste. Below are some of the most prominent and trendy furniture styles in interior design:



This style refers to any style of the PRESENT TIME.  It has evolved over the years and it is now a combination of the old and the new.  Some contemporary ideas are influenced by nature, futuristic style and cutting edge aspects.  It is characterized by solid colors, sleek appeal, bold colors and high contrast, and well as wide curves and soft corners.



This style is essentially the offspring of traditional and contemporary furniture; the in-between. It takes aspects of color and finish from the traditional style, as well as materials and fabrics. However, it incorporates the more contemporary soft curves of the furniture for a perfect balance between the old and the new.  It is usually characterized by complementary colors that guide the eye around the room for an uninterrupted emphasis. 


Choosing the Right Furniture Style

Originating after World War II during the 1900s, this style features an architectural ideal where form and function came together. It emphasizes minimalism, sleekness, simplicity, and function. Prominent materiality found in this ‘modern’ style includes chrome, black/white leather, glass, and lacquered finishes. 



If you’re English and enjoy afternoon teas, chances are you’re familiar with this furniture style. Shabby-chic relies mainly on flea market finds that are usually refinished. Popular décor items are pillows made from vintage barkcloth fabric, vintage linens, vintage chandeliers, and anything with roses on it.  It is considered soft, feminine, romantic, comfortable, and inviting.




Yes, ‘Arts & Crafts’ is a furniture style as well as a common term. Craftsmanship is the key to this style. It originated as an anti-industrial reaction and also stood for social economic reform. It is a handmade folk style that is mainly characterized by woods with prominent grains, blocky/rectilinear shapes, exposed joints, and minimal accept detailing. 


 Interior_Design_Miami_Decorators Interior_Design_Miami_Decorators

Do you pride yourself in being called eccentric, unique, and daring? Then this style might have “YOU” written all over it.  Eclectic furniture is essentially a myriad of all other styles, including vintage pieces, bright colors, and generous accessories. However, to achieve a successful eclectic feel, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of an interior decorator that could fuse different pieces together in order to create a unique, cohesive design.


Choosing the Right Furniture Style

Detailed furnishings from a variety of different time periods make up this style.  It is considered classic and is characterized by: rich colors, intricate details, plush fabrics, dark woods, tapered legs, lustrous accent materials, crown molding, and decorative trims. 




While living in the countryside of Italy, the tradesmen and farmers initiated this style. The colors reflect the warm hues found in the countryside, including neutrals, golds, browns, greens, and rich reds.  It is also characterized by exposed wooden beams, patterned and bright accessories, soft chenilles, stucco and terra cotta tiles.




The glamour is back! Hollywood Regency may have looked like a thing of the past, but pieces associated with this style have spiked in sales. It is characterized by a unique attention to detail, a juxtaposition of clean and fuzzy, silk lampshades, thick sculpted carpets, as well as shine, glitz, and glamour.


Now that you’re well-informed and ready to go shopping for new furniture, keep in mind that it is always a good idea to request professional advice from an interior designer before making decisive and expensive purchases. A well-prepared designer could ensure that you’re fully happy with your furniture selection by suggesting color palettes that blend smoothly with the rest of your interior, as well as advise you on all the must-knows of furniture, such as when to buy a durable piece, which kind of wood to choose, and what to look for when inspecting weld points.

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