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Imagine having a group of people that after only one meeting who are able to capture exactly what you want, how you want it, why you want it and when you need it. Too good to be true? We thought so too. My husband and I left the offices of the DKOR team after our first formal meeting in disbelief. We could not even make complete sentences: “How did they…?” But we only spoke once about ….”. The presentation of how our new house would look and feel like was simply incredible. At the time, we were overwhelmed by several projects in our lives. Also, we were coming to live here from another country. We did not think too much about it; we decided to trust them and gave it a go.

Best decision ever! There are no words to express what these wonderful and beautiful human beings did for us. They took our house and transformed it into our home. They read us, understood our needs and captured our style with unbelievable professionalism. They are able to go beyond their profound knowledge and connect with the client as a human being, so each detail in our home says something about us as a family. We keep rediscovering it as time passes by. There is no place we rather be than home, and part of that feeling we definitely have to thank DKOR for.

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