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Styling Tips for Your Kitchen Island

In our last styling tips post, we explained to you why accessories for interior designers are so important. Remember? It is this last layer that makes a residential project feel like a home… it gives it a story!

We want to help you with this topic that we adore, and have created a mini video series on our YouTube channel. Our first video delineated the steps for adding the perfect throw pillows to a sofa. Check out this new styling tips video now, for an interactive way to see our main steps when styling a kitchen island. Don’t forget to continue reading below for extra tips based on the video!


Styling Tips by DKOR Interiors Designers


Step 1: Take advantage of wide islands in kitchens to lay accessories on them

Tip: Kitchen islands are like dining tables, they are the perfect spot to have a beautiful centerpiece. Add color and textures to your kitchen by playing with different items or have one large accessory, as you prefer. In this case, we had a large island so we felt that a grouping of objects would work best.


Styling Tips Kitchen Island


Step 2: Start with a large item  to ground your grouping of objects, such as this long decorative live edge

Tip: When the kitchen island is very large, if you group objects, they can start to feel lost and not linked to each other. With one long tray or cutting board-like piece, you can make the objects feel like a whole. Tie them together by placing them in the tray, on the board or close to it, to link the pieces visually.


Kitchen Styling Ideas


Step 3: Adding greenery to a kitchen always looks awesome; a potted plant will do the trick

Tip: Kitchens are the center of a home, we always strive to make it a happy place. Make sure you have plants here and there to reflect that. We feel that plants often bring good energy and life to any space. If you don’t feel like you can control a real spice garden, just go with a silk plant (faux greenery). Nowadays you can find amazing imitations of the real deal!


Greenery on Kitchen Island


Step 4: Add other contrasting accessories, such as this cake stand and cute marble containers


Tip: We love bringing items that you would normally find in a kitchen. Maybe you have a vintage cake stand from your grandma you can display? Well, we are not all that lucky… Our first stop for kitchen accessories is always Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma or Amara. Remember that clusters of two, three or five objects are typically pleasant to the eye.


Kitchen Styling Ideas by Miami Designers


Step 5: Incorporate additional colors; use fresh fruit like limes, apples, or even tropical fruits

Tip: Use what you have! Take a look in your cabinets and refrigerator, before going to buy an expensive bouquet of tropical flowers. Limes and lemons are our favorite accent colored fruits for a kitchen!



Step 6: Play with different heights and materials to finalize your cluster of accessories

Tip: Try either having all accessories the same height to make a pleasant grouping. Or all of the different heights, to add interest and drama! Don’t be scared to mix and match materials. See how we added the glass cloche to bring a touch of class to the cluster!


Kitchen Home Decor


Kitchen Decorating Ideas


Aaaand voilà! The result is a beautiful grouping of objects creating one centerpiece. We adore the potted plant in the middle. What is your favorite item to place atop a kitchen island? How do you style your kitchen island? We hope that these styling tips will help you style your island just like a professional!

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