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A New Look in Spring Home Decor for the Living Room

We love sharing interior design inspiration that helps our readers add seasonal touches to their home decor. Now that spring is here, we would like to talk about spring home decor, but with a twist. Rather than focusing on the usual colors and patterns of the season of renewal, we’ve prepared a selection of stylish looks for your living room featuring a unique moody aesthetic.

When we think of spring home decor, floral patterns  and bright, pretty pastel colors immediately come to mind. But for this new spring inspiration, we’re switching it up with two special moody spring living rooms that you can recreate in your own home.

Each of the pieces you see here is from our favorite online vendors, and is just a click away. So go ahead and replicate the entire room, or just choose a few select pieces that work for you.

Let’s start with the first of these two stylish looks.


This spring inspired home decor that our designers prepared for you abounds with deep, rich tones and textures. It’s something out of the box for the season and we love it because it has a luxe twist! 

Spring Home Decor Selections

The centerpiece of this living room is the L-SHAPED sofa from CB2. It features a warm, earthy brown tone that together with its walnut base connects us to nature this spring.

To accessorize the sofa, we chose a neutral Faux Rabbit Fur Bolster Throw Pillow. Its modern and simple design makes it a perfect match to the color of the sofa, creating an elegant and comfortable look.


Green always seems fresh and inspiring. It’s the perfect color for spring home decor, which is why we made sure to include it in this look too. We use it in two ways: through nature, with the faux potted monstera deliciosa, and with stone, in the crafted round green marble coffee table from CB2 that makes a beautiful statement in this living room.

Spring Home Decor

As you can see, as opposed to what we typically see in spring inspired home decor, such as accessories featuring bright colors, we went with a neutral palette instead to lighten up the room. All the decorative objects are cream-colored, from the tall ceramic textured vase to the vlad side table.

The Emmy Black Floor Mirror makes a great decorative addition to any living room. With this moody look, it adds instant visual interest and helps spread the natural light of spring. We recommend leaning the mirror against a focal wall – in this case, we placed it behind the sofa.

Moody Spring Home Decor Selections by DKOR

Because nothing says spring like natural elements, in addition to the neutral pieces, we added a beautiful rattan accent chair and a handwoven basket.

Moody Spring Home Decor Selections by DKOR

To pull the entire living space together, we made it daring with an interesting bold diamond-patterned rug. It brings the touch of depth and rich texture that were missing from the room!

If you love this curated spring inspired home decor, stay tuned! In the next blog, we will share another collection that will help you create either a multi-functional space or dining room with the same moody look!

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