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Spotlight on Our Favorite Brazilian Designers

We are so lucky to have recently added Daniela Correia to our team.  Daniela joins us from Brazil, and brings a great deal of industry experience and Brazillian style to our team.  We asked Daniela what inspires her and who her favorite designers are.

Spotlight on Our Favorite Brazilian Designers

Great interior design is found all around the world. Brazil is one of those places; people appreciate beauty, art, exceptional quality and luxury, especially when we speak about interior design. Most Brazilians have a strong admiration for interior design and invest in their homes because they want to live in a beautiful space.

Local trends and styles influence interior designers but there is always one thing in common: their passion to deliver great interior design to their clients.  While working at Recife-PE in Brazil, I had the pleasure to meet and work alongside renowned architects/interiors design firms.  I particularly like their style and admire a lot of their residential and commercial interior spaces these Brazilian designers have developed.

I also admire the work of Romero Duarte and Santos & Santos. Romero Duarte has projects throughout Brazil and specializes in residential and commercial design.  I would describe their style as contemporary, clean and sophisticated. Santos & Santos, directed by Turibio and Zezinho Santos, has a luxurious and bold style.

Brazilian Designers – My Favorite Interiors

Spotlight on Our Favorite Brazilian Designers
Photo source: Santos e Santos Arquitetura


Spotlight on Our Favorite Brazilian Designers
Photo source: Romero Duarte

Joining the DKOR Interior Design team from Brazil, provides great insight into seeing how international interior designers work in different countries than my home in Brazil. Our Miami design studio is one of the top design firms in the United States where I am gaining first-hand experiences in the American Design Industry. While I have admired those design firms from my beloved home in Brazil, DKOR Interiors is a firm that I admired long before having the opportunity to work here. I fall even more in love with each new interior design project we work on.

DKOR Interiors – My Favorite Interiors

Contemporary Waterfront Elegance


Contemporary Twilight

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