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A South Miami Home Design Inspired by the Prism

All decorating projects are fun for us over at DKOR. These projects allow us to update a family’s existing home in a short amount of time. (Don’t get us wrong, the new-construction projects are fun, too. They just take a little longer.) Let us introduce you a new South Miami Home Design we are currently working on!

Usually, over the course of a decorating project, not much—other than the design—changes. But this time was different. While in the decorating process, our client received news that her young family would be growing, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to help out this budding family. Discover the design concept we dreamed up for this South Miami Home Design: The Prism, A Spectrum of Light.

When a prism reflects light, it does a few different things: First, it changes the shape of the light so that it’s completely different than it was before. Secondly, it creates interesting shapes and angles. Lastly, it can often cast a rainbow of colors onto objects. It’s this shape-shifting agent of change we were inspired by as we thought of how best to decorate a young family’s home.

We’ll bring a prism to life in a few different ways:

  1. Repetition: By repeating patterns and elements we’ll recreate the fractured look of the inside of a prism.
  2. Color: We’ll highlight spaces with bold color, reflecting the rainbow prisms often cast.
  3. Scale: Light often comes out the other side of a prism larger or smaller than it was before, we’ll mimic that affect by varying scale.

South Miami Home Design – The Color Scheme

Instead of using the entire rainbow, we’ve selected some impactful jewel tones to pair with our range of shades of gray: emerald green, orchid purple, and lapis blue. These deep, intense hues will pop, playing a big role in our design concept.



A Combo of Warm and Cool




By pairing different metals and textures in wallcoverings, we’ll balance warm elements with cool. When cozy brass and woven textures meet chilly silver and shagreen and brushed textures all in the same room, you get a lovely neutral space.

Ready to see our design concept brought to life? Us, too.


Living Room

A South Miami Home Design Inspired by the Prism


In the living room, sofas, cabinets, and an area rug all in gray set the stage for bold, deep jewel tones to shine. Different shades of emerald dot the space, while prism-like wallpaper dominates one wall. Brass accents add warmth and a pop of sparkle to the cool gray room.

An organic Alex Turco piece of art that acts as the backdrop to the room’s makeshift office space also contains a mix of metals: copper and silver.




Take a peek at one of our on-site visits to see how the room looks now:

Stick around for more about this South Miami Home Design! As we decorate this family home we’ll be sharing our progress.


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