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Home Designer Selections: Shop The Look

Shop the Look

Have you fallen in love with some of our interior designs? Explore our “Shop the Look” section to bring the style of your favorite rooms into your own home. We have found similar products that will give you what you are looking for. All of these product options are readily available for purchase from our favorite interior design shops. Happy shopping!

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Dkor Crushes

Shop home decor selections hand-picked by our home designers! As home designers, to find the right and unique pieces for each of our residential projects, we need to do our research in different online stores, plus visit local showrooms and vendors. Our DKORistas always know how and when to find the best home decor selections.

You will find our favorite finds in furniture, lighting, and home decor. We make it easy for you to bring designer-approved decor into your home. All products from our favorite home décor shops online!

Whether you’re looking for a modern dining table or an accent accessory for your bedroom, you will find amazing and affordable options here. Scroll down to see the furniture, home decor and lighting picks that have captivated our hearts and we know you will crush on them too!

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