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Shop the Look: A Stylish Home Bar Area

One of the top interior design trends of 2021 is a familiar friend, who we all need a bit more these days: the home bar. Whether you can build a custom home bar into a remodel or new-build construction or you can clear out a corner of an existing space for a mini bar, we’ve been sharing our best home bar design tips over the course of the past few months.

Today, we’re excited to share some of our favorite finds for bringing a mini bar home, from the “bar” itself to some super-stylish accessories. We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting and shopping for you, so now all you need to focus on is what cocktail will you be shaking up?!

Take a peek at our picks and your own home bar area is just a few mouse clicks away.

Home Bar Area – Designer-Approved Finds

We hope you like the recommendations our designers prepared. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Bookcase Bar

home bar area bookcase
Tate Bookcase Bar


Home Bar Area Selections
Vertex Bookcase Bar


Oak Lowes Standard Bookcase


If the space you’ve identified for your home bar is a nook, alcove, or other tall and skinny space, consider a bookcase bar. These pieces are a wonderful hybrid: part shelf, part cabinet. The cabinet can house glassware or less-than-pretty barware essentials like tools or bottles. Then the shelves can display cocktail books, beautiful glassware, show-stopping bottles, and more.

We love furniture that’s so stylish you forget it’s functional. These picks nail it. From left to right, here’s why we selected each of them: Sleek and streamlined, our first Crate & Barrel pick won’t steal the show from other furniture in the space. For a slightly boho but totally modern option, the second option from Crate & Barrel has just the right amount of accidents to infuse style into any room. If you need more storage or love a modern-industrial feel, this find from Wayfair is the one for you.

Bar Cabinets

Handcarved Samuel Cabinet




Vivien Bar Cabinet

For a space that needs to be anchored by a hefty furniture piece, opt for a bar cabinet. This classic bar option may feel Mad Men, but thankfully there are so many stylish versions on the market today that you don’t have to be a mid-century modern convert to bring one home. We love a cabinet because it offers more storage than either a cart or a bookcase bar, so if you’ve got little ones or pets, this might be the solution for you.

Our finds below (from left to right) prove that there are nearly infinite style choices for your bar area. The first pick is a glam-yet-earthy-yet-bohemian cabinet from Anthropologie, which comes in a lighter hue too. It’s a looker that’ll be sure to get compliments from friends and family. Next up is a rattan and brass dream from CB2. If you like tiki drinks, this one’ll catch your eye. For a more demure pick that won’t pull focus from the rest of your design, consider this fluted version from West Elm.

Top these with a tray, your favorite bottles, and either a set of floating shelves or a stunner piece of wall art to complete the look.

Bar Carts

Frye 2-Tier Bar Cart


Ackerman Bar Cart

home bar area cart
Adina Brass Cart

Home bar area cart acrylic

For bar mobility or a small space, look no further than a bar cart to solve your problems. Made famous in the 1960s, these options could not be more of-the-moment. Our only “watch out” for these: no storage means everything’s on display. But, honestly, that just means we get to curate our glassware and bottle selection for beauty and functionality.

Balance masculinity and femininity with our first pick from Crate & Barrel. On this cart, brass plus leather equals the perfect piece. If you don’t want to pull focus from your mixology stylings, look no further than this matte black metal option from Wayfair. But for those of us who want to go all in on glamour, the brass and silver leaf concrete shelf bar cart, also from Crate & Barrel, is just right. In a city apartment where you can’t weigh any space down, the acrylic shelf system from CB2 will give your bar essentials a good home.


Noralee Coffee Table

Volume Round Pedestal Coffee Table

Maureen Coffee Table

You need a spot to put your drink, right? If you have the space to create a seating arrangement near your bar, these are the perfect accompaniments. They’re simple, yet stylish. They’re exactly what you want to keep the focus on your new bar and cocktail-making skills.

The ridged, French oak table from McGee & Co. is perhaps the most ostentatious of our picks. But the soft hue and curvy lines make her too pretty to pass up. For a contemporary-meets-modern look, this light wood pedestal table from West Elm is a must-buy. The final McGee pick is a drum table that you’ll definitely want to buy some pretty coasters to protect.


bar area glasses
Calder Cocktail Glasses



bar area

Glassware isn’t just a drinking vessel. The right glassware is a style statement in your bar area. It should complement the bar and the room’s style, but it can also have a certain pizzazz all to its own. We prefer to buy a set of matching glassware (and maybe a few extras in case of breakage) for a coordinated look on our bartop or shelves.

We love the gold rimmed bottom of these Crate & Barrel finds. They’re glamorous and curvy, and we can’t get enough of them. For sultry, modern feel, look no further than this set of smoky glassware from CB2. They’ll bring an instantly mysterious, almost James Bond air to your bar. For a dramatic and geometric take on glassware, we love the CB2 Joplin collection.


bar area accessories

bar area tools
Bleecker 5-Piece Bar Tool Set

home bar area tools
Bar Tool Set Graphite

A craft cocktail maker is nothing without his (or her) tools. These accessories are professional and stylish. From coasters to cocktail tool kits, we’ve selected our favorites for you!

Coasters are a must-have item when we design a space. A carefully curated design can be marred by water ring stains! These resin coasters from CB2 are earthy, modern, and understated, which makes them the perfect accessory. If you’re looking for the right tools, you can’t overlook the organization of the tools. The aged bronze set from Pottery Barn is the right mix of modern and industrial. Plus, it keeps all your tools in one place. As does the graphite toolkit from Crate & Barrel. But this one comes with an ice bucket so you won’t have to run to the kitchen for a refill.




bar area trays
Element Metal Antiqued Brass Tray

bar area trays
Marble Tray

Trays are a designer’s best friend on a tabletop, and that extends to bar tops, too. They can be used to transfer drinks to your awaiting guests, corral tools and necessities into an organized group, and, like these, reinforce the room’s style.

We love a round tray on a square or rectangle table, like a bar cart or cabinet. The circular shape breaks up the straight lines to create a nice contrast. For a more natural look, opt for the acacia wood CB2 version. If you’re looking for a touch of metal sparkle, the antique brass option from Crate & Barrel is a classic. But, for a touch of drama at a good price point, this marble and brass version from Amazon is a scene-stealer.

We hope we made creating a home bar area a bit easier for you with our designer-approved picks. We can’t wait to see how you dress up your bar area. What else are you adding to your space? Share your designs with us!

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