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SHOP DKOR: Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we are excited to have our families over. We know you want to host them in a tasteful decor, just as we do. Remember that this holiday is first and foremost to give thanks. You should also make it a point to create amazing memories with your families, friends, and neighbors.

To do so, you do not need to have all platters on the table made out of gold, but rather, keep it simple and focus on the people and the moments shared together. By showing creativity, looking for the perfect pieces to complement what you already have at home, you can arrange for the perfect Thanksgiving table setting and decor.

Today, we’ll share our tips on how to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table. Not only that but also we’ll pick out for you some of our favorite pieces of this season from Crate and Barrel. Remember, you do not need to go with the full look; keep in mind what you have in your cupboards and try to mix and match. We have chosen to go with an organic look, with accents of black and gold for the dinner plates and silverware. We adore the silverware pouch to bring the holiday feeling to the table.


Thanksgiving Table Setting – Crate and Barrel Selections







To complement and give a nice base to our Thanksgiving table setting composition, we picked a dark runner. It will contrast with the hand-woven water hyacinth placemat nicely. Check out the linen napkin with the touch of gold; just perfect. All of the natural fibers of the linens and placemat bring texture and depth.



A Touch of Greenery

More importantly, we are bringing greenery as the centerpiece. Yes dear, we do like to be in style. As you may have noticed, we pointed out several times in our previous blog posts, that more and more brands are bringing greenery as design features and focal elements in interiors. For our Thanksgiving table decor, we are embracing this trend. Not loving real plants? Try these silk branches that will give you the effect you want, without the hassle of real leaves.




To finalize our centerpiece composition, we selected wire candles in different sizes, adding texture as well. Contrast it with solid metal and/or glass vessels to add a touch of sparkle. Don’t be afraid of scale; select up to the largest candle holder and vase size to create a bold effect and wow your guests. Fill the glass vessels with greenery, candles or lights. Mix them in the greenery and you will get the perfect tasteful and creative centerpiece.




With the above selections, our Thanksgiving table setting idea is sure to impress your guests and create the perfect ambiance for the holidays. Take a look below at the end result. What do you think?

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas - Crate and Barrel Selections

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