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SHOP DKOR: Modern Entryway Idea with a Twist

Doesn’t everyone love to have an entry foyer that wows their guests?! Well, you know, you do not need to empty your pockets to make it happen. Here, let our top Miami interior designers guide you and help you in finding the perfect combination to make an impactful modern entryway decor!

Modern Entryway Idea - Home Decor Selections

The first step is to find the accent wall to place your entryway decor and furnishings. Ideally, it is adjacent or opposite wall to your entrance door. Check out its dimensions and start composing the entryway vignette of your dreams!

Modern Entryway – Selections

The most common furniture item in the foyer is the console. It is convenient to be able to place your keys and mail when you come in your home. Our interior designers picked this pretty handcrafted piece from Crate & Barrel. Its inlay of hand-cut teak and bone triangles make it unique and bring so much character in the space.

Modern Entryway Decor - Console
Intarsia Natural Console Table

Another key piece in a modern entryway idea is the mirror. When you are ready to leave your house, it is convenient to be able to check quickly your hair and makeup! For this piece, our designers decided to show you a creative option. Instead of placing one mirror atop the console table, they propose to use three arched shaped mirrors from CB2. Place them as our designers say; next to each other, offset from the console to give your traditional entryway vignette that original twist!

Arched Floor Mirror
CB2 arched floor mirror

The next piece our DKORistas picked for you is this beautiful, thin indigo rug. Are rugs in entry foyers always create a welcome feeling. Besides, if you have a large entry, it is a great way to fill the void and add coziness. However remember to check the durability; ideally, the manufacturer specifies it is adequate for “high traffic” areas!

Modern Entryway Decor - Blue Rug
cB2 press indigo rug

Details – Lighting

Now, what about that little extra detail to wow your guests?! Yes yes, you thought that these previous selections were enough… Well not entirely. Our designers here at DKOR know it: using the right accent light, will make your vignette pop and complete your modern entryway decor! Check out this gorgeous ribbed glass wall sconce. We love its texture and perforated brass interior; talk about details! It is a curated item like this that will truly impress your guests.

Modern Entryway Decor - Wall Sconce
striae ribbed glass wall sconce


Modern Entryway Decor

Beyond the above and larger furnishings, are the accessories. It seems futile, but they do make all the differences. The right accessories will empower your entry foyer vignette and make it unforgettable. We often hear our lead interior designers at Dkor remind our clients of the same. A space without the right accessories can feel empty and cold, without character.

In order to finalize your entryway design, our interior decor specialists have carefully selected stunning earthenware, ceramic vases, and an accent jute pouf. The mix of materials adds interest and contrast. Choose your favorite indoor plant for the large glazed earthenware. And voila, your modern entryway design is complete!

Modern Entryway Decor
braided jute pouf

Modern Entryway Idea - Green Planter
Maya Large Green Ceramic Planter


Modern Entryway Decor - White Vase
Holden Vase

Modern Entryway Decor - White Vase
lyle round vase

Modern Entryway Decor - White Vase
CB2 celia white vase


Shop The Look

Go for the entire vignette and shop the full look or pick your favorites to finalize your current entryway decor! Our favorite piece could be the ribbed glass wall sconce from CB2. Not only are wall sconces the popular light fixture of the moment, but these have a vintage yet contemporary feel that is hard to achieve. Love it, simply! Which piece do you favor? Which ones will complete your entryway decor and create your perfect, modern entryway foyer vignette?!

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