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Salone Milano 2014 Designer Spotlight: KISHIA

Salone Milano 2014 Designer Spotlight: KISHIA 

As our team returns back from Milan, Italy, we pick their brains to find out the most inspiring moments they experienced at the revered Interior Design Show.

“Our biggest “AH HA” moment in the show was when we found one panel drawers!!”

Check back daily to follow the whole team on this adventure and see below to read more about Kishia’s AH-HA moment!



“My favorite part about attending the iSalone Show in Milan, Italy was being able to see all the new trends and simple solutions in Interior Design that the European Artisans have come up with. As a project manager at DKOR Interiors I am faced with different issues every day that require solutions and just by attending the show there were a couple solutions or new ideas that we plan on using in future jobs.”

“As for the new trends in carpentry my favorite was the use of metal and glass integrated with the carpentry. In the wall unit below from Poliform you can see the metal integrated with the carpentry creating that sleek and thin look that we like to use. In past interior design projects we could get a shelf this thin out of wood because it wouldn’t be able to hold anything and would bow. This is a great solution to create a thin shelf while also making it functional to hold heavy items.”

I believe our biggest “AH HA” moment in the show was when we found one panel drawers!! We always try to push for less seams and therefore end up making big drawers, which usually results in heavy drawers and our carpenters saying we can’t do it. So this discovery is now our answer for our future projects along with many more innovative and simple solutions to use!

Salone Milano 2014 Designer Spotlight
In this photo you also see the use of metal for thin shelves but also on the door panel, creating a different element.


Salone Milano 2014 Designer Spotlight







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