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A Safe Interior Design Process during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our homes have always been an important place. More than just a physical location, home is beyond that. It’s a feeling of comfort, a place to create memories, and a safe space for us and our loved ones. While the COVID-19 pandemic may not have changed the concept of home, it did shift the way we use our homes. And we, as interior designers, adjusted our methods to offer a safe interior design process.

In the past few months, we’ve been spending more time at home than ever before. Forced to stay inside to protect ourselves and others, we’ve transformed our homes into an all-in-one destination. During the day, it’s our coffee shop, gym, office, cafeteria, school, camp. By night, it’s our restaurant, movie theater, spa, family-bonding spot, and so much more.

By expanding the activities we do at home, we’re all looking at our homes differently now. We’re more aware of how we use our interior (and exterior) spaces, how they impact our moods, how functional or not they are. We now notice the things we need, the things we don’t, and the basics for a happy life.

In taking a closer look at our spaces, the importance of a well-designed and functional home has risen.


Spending so much time at home sheds light on the importance of creating a beautiful home that inspires us to live a happy, healthy life. We’re seeing more than ever that interior design matters.

So, we’re all seeking ways to improve our home’s functionality and its aesthetics. At DKOR we understand that. We are ready to help you through a safe interior design process, whether it’s with a few upgrades you’ve always wanted to make, it’s a full home renovation or the new-build home you’ve been dreaming of.


Of course, you might be wondering if this is the right moment to undertake an interior design project. Maybe you’re unsure of the logistics of a renovation or redesign and if it will even be possible, given the current situations and new challenges.

We got you!

While we’re all navigating common challenges, we also understand that change is really the only constant. Thanks to our well-developed processes we, at DKOR, are ready and able to help our new clients during these new challenging times.

Our 16 years of experience, team structure, and methodologies are consolidated, allowing us to offer a complete interior design solution to our clients, locally or internationally. We have a clear understanding of the requirements of each phase of the design process and we’ve built internal processes that ensure a successful completion of each project.

We know our structure inside and out, so adjusting to follow COVID-19 guidelines was an easy process. At DKOR, we wanted to ensure the experience for our current and new clients wasn’t negatively impacted despite the restrictions and precautions our new reality necessitates.



Safe Interior Design Process by DKOR Interiors - Miami Designers


Virtual meetings have always been part of our experience working with international families creating their homes in Florida or around the world.

With the current situation, our team is communicating virtually with all our clients, adding video and screen sharing for a better experience. The complete team is present and following the design process.


We know our clients want to see and feel the materials that will enhance their homes, just as they would during in-person meetings. So, our team has been preparing and shipping our clients sample material packages before each presentation.

Safe Interior Design Process - DKOR Interiors
Preparing and organizing samples by space


Safe Interior Design Process - DKOR Interiors
Sending sample boxes to our clients before each presentation so they can review the materials during our virtuals meetings.



Safe Interior Design Process - DKOR Interiors
Team members working together

Our interior designers are able to design and create the specification packages that your project requires, as we have the technology and equipment needed to execute this phase of the design process seamlessly.


Safe Interior Design Process - DKOR Interiors

Our purchasing team is working closely with local and international vendors to ensure the unique pieces for your home are available and arrive in a timely manner.

As always, we continue to leverage all of our resources, including online retailers, to ensure that we find the best options for your home and that they’re ready on time.

We also manage the shipping and delivery of all items. There’s no need to follow up or worry about on-time deliveries—our team will do that for you.


Safe Interior Design Process - DKOR Interiors


As we resume site visits we’re taking all necessary precautions to keep you and our team safe while we inspect the project’s progress.

Including wearing masks and maintaining six feet distance during site visits with a limited number of in-person attendees, we are working with the general contractor to constantly clean any and all construction sites. Ensuring the safety of our team and clients is of the utmost importance, as we work to create dream homes.

Site Visits during COVID19 times


As we’ve all learned during these past few months, your home’s interior design matters. Let us help you create functional, well-designed spaces with confidence. Our years of experience will ensure the process of creating your home—a safe home that reflects your style, leaves you inspired, meets your family’s needs, and allows you to feel comfortable—is seamless, simple, and safe.

If you have questions about how we can help you with your interior design project, we are happy to chat! Contact us!

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