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Sabbia Beach Condo with Modern Edgy Interiors

We recently introduced you to a new project for our rock-and-roll-loving clients at Sabbia Beach condos, an exclusive, luxurious oceanfront property. They wanted their edgy yet elegant style, inspired by rock music, to come through in their new permanent residence. Through bold accent colors, lots of shiny, chunky metal accents and layered textures, our DKORistas created a vision of harmony.

Previously, we gave you a glimpse into the design inspiration behind this Pompano Beach condo here, and now it’s time to dive into a tour of the common areas. Let’s discover the interior designs for the foyers, living room and dining room.

Sabbia Beach Condo – Interior Designs

Elevator Foyer and Main Foyer

Elevator Foyer Design by DKOR Interior Design Team


Stepping off of the elevator in this Sabbia Beach condo, our clients and friends will be greeted by a colorful, contemporary scene. Angular black-and-white abstract art catches your eye first, while a chrome bench and accent pillows in deep blue and multidimensional burgundy provide a perfect place to sit and wait while also drawing the eye down. Luxurious porcelain flooring will have guests singing.


Entry Foyer Design by DKOR Interior Design Team
Foyer Design Intent by DKOR Interiors


If you continue inside, you’ll enter the home to a floor-to-ceiling custom painting by Alex Turco. We love how this beautiful piece features shades of blue in an organic yet modern design perfectly set against a neutral light grey wall. In addition, black accents with a shot of greenery make the space feel homey.


Living Room

Living Room Design by DKOR - Sabbia Beach Condo
Design Intent by DKOR Interiors

Walking into the living room of this Sabbia Beach condo our clients will bask in a space grounded in dark neutrals, creating that moody feeling invoked by rock and roll rhythms. The family can relax on the comfortably large, yet stylish, sectional adorned with metallic pillows while watching TV or enjoying the view out of the floor-to-ceiling windows. An oversized black drum pendant light above and an abstract blue and gray area rug below center the room. Again, the bright porcelain flooring throughout gives that luxurious, classy touch, and you can’t forget the greenery!

Dining Room

Dining Room Design by DKOR - Sabbia Beach Condo
Design Intent by DKOR Interiors

As our clients enter the dining room they’ll feel a lighter vibe, but will still see those edgy, glamorous touches that strike a chord. Smoked acrylic chairs and a white lacquered table are the showcase. The family will love gathering here to enjoy a meal or connect with friends. Additionally, a multi-orb glass chandelier and pillows in the punchy accent colors act as the room’s jewelry. Sheer drapery on the windows lets the clients soak in the ambiance of oceanfront living while adding a perfect finishing touch.

If you’re loving the rock-and-roll vibe of this Pompano Beach home, check back soon to see the rest. We can’t wait to unveil the final interior spaces!


On-Site Progress Photos

Entry Foyer Wall Dimensions
Entry Foyer Wall Dimensions


Meeting on site with general contractor
Meeting on site with the general contractor and clients


Site Visit - Paint Selections
Reviewing paint color options on site

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