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Stylish Room Design: Shop this Modern Living Room Vignette

The living room is one of the most important spaces in any home, especially one that features a stylish room design. It’s where families gather to watch TV, share stories, talk about their days, and so much more. There are some tried-and-true living room layouts that make all of this family time possible: an L-shaped layout, two parallel sofas, or a sofa paired with a side chair.


Stylish Room Design by Miami Interior Designers

But what happens if you have an oddly shaped living room or one with little nooks and crannies that require you to step outside of the traditional living room layouts? You have to get a bit creative to make that space functional!

We’ve got some design ideas for creating a classic, chic vignette that will fill up the space and get people to spend time there. With less than 10 pieces, you can achieve this shoppable look!

First, let’s start with an area rug to help delineate this new little space from those that surround it. We love this modern neutral hand-knotted rug with contrasting fringe because it doesn’t distract from what we’re about to create.

Atop the rug area two ultra contemporary and eye-catching chairs from Modloft. The atypical Mixt Union end table complements the structural look of the chairs, and offers a spot to put a drink or book. To contrast the table’s sharp angles and vintage finish, we set the Aalto Finlandia Vase by Alvar Aalto for Iittala on the end table. Featuring curved lines and a polished finish, the vase is the perfect home for a bouquet of beautiful blooms.

Lighting up the vignette is the Tab Floor Lamp by Flos. Its sleek contemporary style fits in perfectly with the other elements of the design. To complete the look, a grouping of two Horizon Mirrors by Sovet Italia adorns the walls, replacing the need for any paint or wallcovering.

Want do you think about this stylish room design our Miami-based designers put together for you? Did you find something you can’t wait to add to your home? Share your faves with us!

Stylish Room Design Selections

Stylish Room Design by Miami Interior Designers - Catania Area Rug


Stylish Room Design by Miami Interior Designers - Horizon Mirror




Stylish Room Design by Miami Interior Designers - Tab Floor Lamp


Stylish Room Design by Miami Interior Designers - Aalto Finlandia Vase

Stylish Room Design by Miami Interior Designers - Ignazio Cushion


Stylish Room Design by Miami Interior Designers - Mixt Union End Table

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