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See the Reveal of this Earthy, Subtle Canarias Doral Home

In rooms that serve many purposes, designers have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to make that happen: furniture layouts, rug placement, lighting design, and so much more. But this Canarias Doral home features one of our favorite ways to stylishly and effectively section off a room. We’re excited to share the reveal with you!

When dreaming up the ultimate look and feel of this great room, which combines the living and dining spaces for a family that loves to be together, we knew we needed to create some separation between spaces. For the space to work at its best, we created functional and defined social areas, allowing everyone to be together while using the space differently.

The design intent proved that our idea would work, in theory, but when we saw these custom wood slat dividers in person we fell in love.

Design Intent

Design Intent by DKOR Interiors – Click to read about the design concept

This carpentry detail served a couple of very important purposes in the room. The first being the most obvious: They divided the space, defining the areas for each social space, without making the great room feel enclosed and small. This visual separation made it seem like the spaces were separate without taking away important space for the family to use.

 Canarias Doral Home Interior Design


 Canarias Doral Home Interior Design


The second purpose is just as important: the natural wood adds a richness, depth, and warmth that the space needed. An existing mostly neutral color palette was chic, but a bit cold for a family space. So we used the wood panels to warm it up a bit.

In addition to the panels, textured and detailed wallcoverings lended warmth to the room. Rather than flat paint, the pattern on the wallcoverings looks like a lush fabric and provides depth.

 Canarias Doral Home Interior Design



Interior Details

Adding even more welcoming, inviting spirit to the space (and brightening up the original neutral palette) were nature-inspired hues: deep teals, verdant greens, and ocean blues. Dotted around the space on chairs, accents, wall art, and more, these colors bring vibrancy and life.

They also tie the great room together. The teal of the eye-catching chair is pulled over in the dining space on the painting. Uniting the space that’s also being visually divided by the wooden slats.

 Canarias Doral Home Interior Design


 Canarias Doral Home Interior Design


The same lighting element is used in both the living and dining spaces, too. The modern brass and glass fixture lends sparkle and warmth to each space, while pulling the whole look together.

Pops of the accent colors find their way around this earthy Canarias Doral home. The end result is a functionally designed space that can be used for many purposes, but the most important one is as the setting for family time. Think of all the laughs, cheers, movies watched, and fun to be had in here!

More Photos  – Canarias Doral Home

 Canarias Doral Home Interior Design



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