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Redefining Space: More Than Floor Plans

Interior Design Project “Detailed Minimalism:” Redefining Space

Redefining Space

After the concept has been established and before construction starts, the designers work feverishly on completing the construction documents. We at DKOR Interiors stand out as an interior design firm on this matter because many other companies do not complete their own construction documents in house like we do.

By using the program AutoCAD, our teams create plans for all aspects of a home or business, including electrical, mechanical, A/V, Plumbing, carpentry, door schedules and elevations. Then, we review all our plans with our architect before handing them over to the General Contractor. Also, after the construction documents are completed, we provide our clients with a visual source. This often helps them to envision their final space. It can be hard to look at a set of blueprints and plans and understand what things will look like, so for this we use a program called Sketch Up to produce drawings. In addition to these drawings, we also work with a professional interior design renderer to produce 3-D quality images – see below:

DetailedMinimalism_Interior_Design_Miami_Modern Interior_Design_Miami_Modern Interior_Design_Miami_Modern
Redefining Space

Here are the stats on this Miami, Florida residence:

  • Total square footage was 8,722.
  • First Floor: 1 media room, 1 office, 1 craft room, 1 laundry room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 family room, 1 living room, 3 bathrooms, 1 powder room
  • Second Floor: 5 bedrooms (2 boys, 2 girls and the master), 5 bathrooms and a loft area, which acts as the “Kids Office” for homework and studying

Get ready for construction details and what happens afterwards in our next post!

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