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Quick and Easy Ways to Transform Your Miami Interior Design

Transform your MIAMI Interior:

Functional and Elegant Living Room Design by DKOR Interiors - Presidential Estates in Aventura, FL
Functional and Elegant Living Room Design by DKOR Interiors – Presidential Estates in Aventura, FL

It can really change your entire mood and energy levels to change your home décor every once in a while. You spend a lot of important time in your home; it is where you go to relax and recuperate after a long day of work, and it is where you spend quality time with friends and family. It is important to never let the atmosphere in the home become dull and boring. However, many homeowners might not have the opportunity to hire a professional Miami interior designer every few months. In between visits from your interior designer, there are simple, fast, and affordable ways that you can make major changes.

Give Your Home a New Paint Job

You would be amazed at what a difference a new coat of paint can make in a room, or in the entire home. In just one afternoon, you can completely transform the entire aesthetic of a room. If your walls are beige or eggshell, why not try a deep rich burgundy for a change? If your walls are already dark, you could brighten the room with lighter colors for a welcome and warming change of pace.

Sometimes painting an entire room in a bold color can be too overwhelming visually, and it can be a lot of work. A better alternative can be use the bold color only on one wall in order to create an interesting focal point in the room.

When changing colors of your home, it can be a good idea to change with the seasons. Allow the colors of your walls to reflect your favorite colors associated with each season; for example, you can choose rich browns, reds, and oranges in homage to the beautiful fall leaves. If you are unsure about which colors you should use, consult with a top Miami interior designer before you make any commitments.

Transform your Miami Interior Design
Bright pink walls add life to this young girl’s room

Change the Accent Pieces in the Room

You can change the entire feel of a room by simply manipulating a few minor details here and there. If you have decided to change the colors of the walls, you can then find new lampshades, curtains, throw pillows, and other small accessories to better match your new color scheme. Your Miami decorator could easily provide you with many more great details that can be tweaked.

Rearrange the Furniture

It is certainly possible to completely transform the interior design of your home without going out and buying all new expensive furniture. You simply must learn how to make a few alterations to the great furniture you already have. You can transform the flow of the room by rearranging the furniture into a new design. When making changes, try to move the furniture in a way that will increase the functionality of the room. Do not make changes that are going to frustrate or inconvenience you.

Place your furniture strategically to promote peace and balance
Place your furniture strategically to promote peace and balance

Hire Professional Help

If you really want to give your entire home a new look, your best choice is to enlist the help of professionals. An experienced Miami decorator can often help you achieve a better home makeover in a shorter amount of time.


“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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