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Outdoor Essentials for Summer Entertaining

Summer is finally here! We want to soak up every minute of the warm weather by spending the majority of our time outside. If you’re like us, you’ll already be prepping for summer entertaining and for hosting family and friends in your outdoor spaces. There’s nothing better than relaxing by the pool or grilling out with those you love!

No matter what you’re planning, picking up a few outdoor essentials additions will take your gathering to the next level. Now is the perfect time to give your outdoor spaces a quick spruce before your guests arrive.

Our DKORistas have specially selected some beautiful, practical outdoor entertaining essentials that we know you’re going to love. From stylish dinnerware to fun hanging chairs, these summer entertaining accessories will transform your outdoor space from lackluster to the talk of the neighborhood.

We’ve organized the items into easy-to-follow categories so that you can visualize how to use each in your space. Let’s make this the best summer ever!


You’ll be hard pressed to find an empty hammock at a family gathering. It tops our list of outdoor essentials because it can be used as a seating option or a bed for a quick nap under the sun. When guests are over, they can take turns relaxing as they look up at the blue sky, or gently rock with the smallest members of the family who will love the thrill of this special chair. We also love the classic look of this wooden hammock which comes with a white cotton hammock bed.

Outdoor Essentials for Summer Entertaining

Is there a chair more Instagrammable than this one? It is so unique and surprisingly very comfortable to sit in. Featuring a handwoven white faux-wicker pod, it comes with a tufted cushion within. Read a book in it, have a chat with your friends, or take photos because this chair is absolutely beautiful.

We always recommend having a few extra seating options in addition to regular chairs at a party. An outdoor-friendly floor cushion, like this jute version can be set up in advance, or you can bring it out as needed depending on how many guests arrive. You can also stack a few and set a tray on top to serve as a makeshift, but stylish side table to put drinks on.


Having a few backyard games on hand when guests come over is always a good idea for summer entertaining. This stylish wooden bean bag toss set comes with two games to play – cornhole on the front and when you flip the board over, it has a tic-tac-toe grid. It will provide hours of entertainment in the sun.

Ring toss, but make it *aesthetic.* We adore the look of this popular game, which is perfect for both adults and kids to play together. The base is made from black Marquina marble with hand-etched numbers. The best part is, you can set up this game indoors or outdoors so it can be played yearround.

Light & Warm

Besides the practical features of an outdoor space like seating and a grill, summer entertaining items that create a welcoming ambiance are essential. At night, you’ll need some special light fixtures to provide light and set the mood. Add a flameless pillar candle to the center of this handwoven rattan lantern for the perfect warm glow next to your table or hang it from its handle above your seating area.

Outdoor Essentials Summer Entertaining

For daytime gatherings, this large umbrella is the perfect shade from the harsh overhead sun. The sleek white silhouette is designed to work well with your table, extending over everyone as a shield. The easy-to-use crank function means you can quickly raise, lower, or tilt the umbrella to your liking.

It’s really important to create focal points in your outdoor spaces to gather people together. Having a fire pit is one of our favorite ways to do this, but not just any fire pit will do. This stunning iron fire pit features a wide bowl suspended over a cage-like frame. Its sophisticated, modern look would match any decor, but particularly complements a modern design style.


Who doesn’t love the summer passtime of a picnic in the grass? Instead of eating with disposable plastic plates and cutlery, which is bad for the environment, why not elevate your experience with this beautiful picnic set that has everything you need?

It’s not only a beautiful basket with leather handles and fabric-lined interior, but it includes ceramic plates, wine glasses, cotton napkins, wood-handled flatware, a corkscrew and a cutting board. Whether you set this beauty up in the backyard or take it to your local park, we’re certain it will make your picnic experience one to remember.

Every serious griller needs a serious set of barbecue tools. This 9-piece version includes a stainless steel turner, fork, basting brush, grill cleaner and tongs. Best of all, the tools come inside a handy canvas carrying case that will keep everything in one place.

Outdoor Essentials Summer Entertaining

Why store your drinks in an average cooler when you can display them beautifully in this rattan tub? Not only is the design of this one very satisfying, but the handles make it easy to carry so you can bring it to a friend’s gathering or picnic. It’s just the right size for an intimate group to keep all their drinks cool.

Here’s another option of a chic picnic set that can be used over and over again. The picnic basket was designed by California studio Lawson-Fenning with the lid cleverly serving as a tray. Inside are four sets of soothing oat-colored melamine plates, tumblers and bowls that offer sophistication to your al fresco dining experience.


Serve your snacks on plates that match the mood of summer, like this set from Target. These colorfully patterned plates are sure to brighten up your gathering. Made from lightweight bamboo melamine, they are perfect for outdoor gatherings as they won’t break if dropped.

These darling glasses add extra style to your outdoor dining table. Featuring a dotted hobnail texture, they come in clear and aqua and are made from acrylic so they won’t break easily. Use them indoors or outdoors for all your summer drinks.

Whether you’re serving rose or sangria, it’s really nice to have proper wine glasses for your guests to drink from. However, glass in the backyard or by the pool is a no-go, which is why we recommend these sturdy acrylic glasses. They’re simple, but stylish and you can use them over and over again whereas disposable cups have to be thrown away after one use.

Instead of using a tablecloth, elevate your seated gatherings with these beautiful rattan chargers. They are handwoven in a beautiful pattern called Hapao that originates in the Phillipines. You can use them under plates or bowls to add decorative, tropical flair to your table.

Outdoor Essentials Summer Entertaining

There are ordinary drink dispensers, and then there is this beauty. The dispenser itself has a sleek, hammered glass silhouette and fine handcrafted details, but it is the marble pedestal that steals the show. Suddenly, your favorite summer cocktails are an art piece that look as good as they taste.

Bring out all of your backyard’s potential this summer with a little help from these must-have outdoor entertaining essentials. Keep things laid-back and comfortable, but with a sophisticated twist that will leave everyone with plenty of memories to cherish.

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