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Money Shot: Behind the scenes at a Luxury interior design photo shoot with DKOR Interiors

Luxury interior design project photo shoot

We’ve been sharing with you the entire process behind our Contemporary Waterfront home luxury interior design project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida thorough our #DKORlive series. This project was designed for a couple with a background in the hotel industry and as you can see from our sneak peeks the results look better than a five star hotel!

A very important step in our process as a Residential Interior Design Firm is professionally photographing the finished spaces once the project is completed. For this, DKOR Interiors turns to our celebrity photographer, Alexia Fodere for her expertise on interior photography.

The photographs tell the story of the homes luxury interior design and exceptional exterior view! However, there are many details and challenges in interior photography that happen behind the scenes of these amazing architectural pictures. As you’ll see, at DKOR Interiors we always do whatever it takes to get the things done, and in this case, THE PERFECT SHOT! We’re willing to share these behind the scenes moments.

Go with us behind the scenes of this interior design project photo shoot and discover what it takes to get the perfect shot and how we captured the entire perspective of the home. It was such a challenging and fun experience! do you want to know why? Take a look at the behind the scenes video and enjoy step by step with DKOR interiors team and our photographer Alexia!

We are more than happy with the final results. Have a look and enjoy the beautiful view!

luxury interior design photo shoot
Contemporary Waterfront Home’s closer perspective


luxury interior design photo shoot
Luxury Interior Design Photo shoot: Here’s the final result!




“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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