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Money Saving Tips from DKOR’s Money Managing Superstar


Is your new year’s resolution to save money? Today on DKOR LIVING blog our money managing superstar Sandra, shares useful money saving tips that everyone should know when starting an interior design project. You can really save for a rainy day and feel good about yourself by following these simple tips.

Create a budget

Base your budget on realistic needs, not wants. Develop a budget on what you plan to spend on the interior design project. Focus first on high ticket items such as flooring, appliances, or furniture items to help control expenses and identify areas that you can reduce spending. Be clear with any interior designer or contractor you hire what your budget is so they can help you.

At DKOR we are happy to develop a project budget estimate together so you can have a clear idea of how much the project should cost before we begin.

Set realistic monetary goals

Ask yourself, “How much money do I want to save?” By giving yourself a goal on how much to save you can really keep yourself in line with the budget, avoid splurging on those tempting “wants”, and be more inclined to requests discounts or other ways to bring down costs. Every dollar saved can get you closer to your interior design project goal.


Review all your options – Compare prices

Search for the best rates before making a purchase… There are many resources to use including the internet to comparison shop. Shop around for the best prices and brands available to you. Several showrooms may carry the same or similar plumbing, lighting, or tile options. We often work with representatives at Ferguson and Farrey’s showrooms for competitive pricing and always ask them for comparable products.


Take advantage of Promotions and Discounts

Discounts and promotional pricing is always available, sometimes you just have to ask. One of the advantages of working with an interior designer is designer pricing. Local showrooms such as Addison House, Arravanti, and Michael Dawkins are always accommodating to our clients. Be sure to visit our SHOP LOCAL page regularly for more local showrooms that work with Miami interior designers.

Money Saving Tips from DKOR’s Money Managing Superstar


At DKOR Interiors, we keep a close eye to every detail when designing our gorgeous interiors and it’s equally important that we give the same attention to the finances of each of our interior design projects. This is why we’re so proud to have the perfect team member to make sure we’re on top of every penny.

Thank you Sandra!

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