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Inspiration Behind a Modern Tropical Home Design in Fort Lauderdale

Being based in South Florida, we at DKOR Interiors are no strangers to tropical style — just looking outside we’ve got tons of inspiration! This has come in helpful for our new decorating project, where we’re creating a modern tropical home design for our clients, a young couple with a baby on the way.

Design Inspiration

Inspired by a “tropical festival of life,” our DKORistas will be turning the clients’ 5,200-square-foot Fort Lauderdale home into a special spot to create memories and begin new traditions. 

The couple — who loves to entertain family and friends — desired a space full of curated furniture and decor to let their young, chic style shine through. We were up for the challenge!

To achieve the couple’s vision of the perfect family home, we created a concept that’s grounded in a tropical motif and boasts unique and organic textures. The modern tropical home design will be breezy and artful, incorporating interactive installations, and will communicate the couple’s unique and refined taste. The space we create will provoke an emotional response and create an experience for everyone who steps inside.

Modern Tropical Home Design Inspiration


Inside this tropical modern home, a playful layout will encourage people to gather. Organic patterns and textures will add warmth to the open space, and plenty of indoor plants will add a touch of vitality. We’ll use lighting to create different moods in each room and to accentuate the layers of neutral texture we’ve incorporated.

Modern Tropical Home Design - Color Mood


Inspired by the tropics, the color palette we chose features shots of color like soft coral, warm teal and a deep, gray-tinged navy which will brighten up the textured neutrals. Abstract tropical patterns are woven in as an accent.

On Site

By now, we’ve painted the picture of these tropical chic interiors. To give you a glimpse of what’s happening on-site, take a look at some snaps from the visits our team has done.

Interior Designers Site Visit - Fort Lauderdale Home


Interior Designers Site Visit - Fort Lauderdale Home

Space planning is always first. The design team has already shaped plans for furniture layout. During our site visits, we mapped out the key furniture pieces for this home’s interiors. Our goal: beautiful but functional spaces that work with our clients’ day-to-day lives.

material selection samples - interior design


test paint samples - interior design

Our clients love a good pop of color (we do too!), and one way we’re introducing this is with paint. We’ve been testing sample paints on site to get a sense of how the colors will really look. Design tip: Always test your paint selection out! Natural and artificial light can change the look of the color.

Fort Lauderdale Home Design by DKOR Interior Design Firm


The tropical chic interiors our team creates will also establish a connection to the outdoors, creating a whole space for the family to enjoy.

Are you excited to see how this project shapes up? Us too! Stay tuned for more interior details.


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