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A Geometric, Modern Toddler Bedroom

We know it can be hard to figure out what to do with a toddler’s bedroom. They’re not quite a big kid, but they’re definitely not a baby and their room needs to reflect that, so look no further than this blue-and-gray, geometric space for modern toddler bedroom inspiration.

We showed you the design intent for this space a few weeks back, but we’re even more excited to share with you the realized modern toddler bedroom!

modern toddler bedroom design



modern toddler bedroom inspiration


The bed—a mini house—can be turned into a big-kid bed when the time’s right, but for now, we’ve left it as a crib. A toddler’s bedroom must be filled with storage for books, animals, toys, and more; so you’ll see a plethora of wall shelves (whether they’re shaped like houses or clouds) and specialized cubby storage for toys or shelves for books.

But it’s not all necessity here. Design elements are meant to spark the little one’s imagination. Look up and you’ll find a cluster of stars surrounding the ceiling light. On the desk, a lamp is made from a toy truck, and the geometric color blocking on the walls creates movement and life.

One of our favorite details in this modern toddler bedroom is the library-slash-play table. Mini-sized versions of modern (the table) and industrial (the chairs) favorites make for a too-cute space in which the room’s resident can play and grow. Speaking of growing … See the sweet growth chart on the wall? It’s another one of our faves.

Modern Toddler Bedroom Details

toddler bedroom play area


kids bedroom bookcases


modern toddler bedroom decor
Moises Wood Display Box


modern toddler bedroom design


modern toddler custom bed


The daybed is the dreamiest spot to read the little tyke a book before bed. We can just imagine the family cuddling up here, beneath the stars, to read a favorite story. We’ve styled the shelves with books and toys, but bins can easily be added to the space to hide and store things like blocks, games, and more.


modern toddler bedroom bookcases


Another fun element in this modern toddler bedroom is the geometric wallpaper that sets the tone of the room. The gray-and-white color scheme provides a neutral backdrop, while the pattern lends a sense of motion and fun.

Want to see more of this South Miami home? Get ready! We will be sharing more home spaces soon!

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