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This week, we will be running around feverishly as we turn-over another beautiful residential interior design project in Hollywood, FL. We have already blogged about our concept presentation so we will continue this week with posts that are relevant to this project before the big reveal next week!!!

Furniture Move-In Day!

Let’s start with some peaks into our exclusive mood panels:

For the interior spaces, we saw this house with a mixture of deep grey tones, warm wood, and sensual beige’s. This color scheme would create a sense of comforting modernity our clients wanted to achieve within their interior design.

Modern interior design is not always stark white on white. Often there is use of natural materials juxtaposed with a contrasting palette to dazzle the eye and comfort the soul.

Made up of two floors, we presented our clients with floor plans of the entire residence. Then, we color-coded the entire house to delineate common areas, private areas and private utility areas. Also, we offered the family two options for the modifications.

Together with these plans, we proposed two flooring ideas: a dark wood floor in a Rhine color together with a pale bleached wood. In these flooring plans, we also presented the direction of how the wood flooring grain would be laid out.

Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design Miami_Interior_Design

See more about the details behind this Hollywood, Florida residence next time. And compare these concept photos to the final product! 


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