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Modern Home Office Design in a Fort Lauderdale Home

It’s no surprise that perfecting your home office design has become one of the top interior design trends in 2021. More than ever, our clients are prioritizing this space in their home projects this year.

Over the years, our Miami-based interior design firm has had many opportunities to design perfect home office spaces for families and professionals (check out our portfolio). While each client has their own personal needs, all of our modern home office designs focus on two key aspects: comfort and aesthetics.

In order to achieve peak comfort in the aesthetic our clients desire, we take dimensions, materiality, and more into consideration. Almost more than any other space, we also focus on streamlining so the office space doesn’t become overwhelming. Instead, we want our clients to work in a space that allows focus and concentration (because it’s hard enough to stay on task already!).

That’s exactly what we did at our Contemporary Oceanfront Retreat project! Do you remember this amazing new-build home completed in collaboration with Bomar Builders? (Refresh your memory here!) Today we’re zeroing in on the stunning home office.


Modern Home Office Design

Modern Home Office Design - Office View

Like the rest of the home, this home office design plan was inspired by the De Stijl movement. That inspiration is reflected in this room through the use of pure shapes that create the basis of a grid; just take a peek at the shelves.

Our team took many things into consideration, including furniture orientation, natural light, and the beautiful ocean view, when designing this space. Just off the master bedroom, we pulled design elements from that room and the rest of the home to create a seamless fit for this home office.

Modern Home Office Design - Floor Plan

You can’t see it in the floor plan above, but in the layout our designers envisioned (and eventually brought to life) the desk is facing the ocean. Not only does it provide our client with a beautiful and inspiring landscape view, but it also avoids uncomfortable glare on the computer screen.

Another bonus? A large window allows lots of natural light to permeate the entire space. Sea and sun: perfect to refresh everyone’s motivation!

We kept a simple, minimalistic approach to this modern home office design: only what was needed for storage, functionality, and comfort were brought into the space. Because of that, this office stands out as simple, elegant, and the details really shine.

Speaking of details, the material combination is one of our favorites: the blackened oak wood, charcoal metal, grey marble, and textured wallcovering combine perfectly. Creative storage solutions in the same materiality keep a cohesive design and give the space the warm and cozy look we were going for.


Storage Pieces

We love the clean look of the storage solutions and how useful they are in terms of space (because there’s never enough).

Modern Home Office Design - Materiality




Furniture Selections

In terms of furniture, we covered the basic must-have office items, but amped their quality up. The Air Desk W from Galloti&Radice is the star with its smoked “grigio Italia” tempered glass. We complemented the desk and office chair setup with our client’s existing leather chairs. They went so perfectly with the office’s color palette that we just had to include them.



Decorative Elements

Decorating with unique elements is crucial to setting the look and feel of your home office space. Make sure to incorporate accessories that inspire you and highlight your unique personality and interests!

Taking cues from our client’s passion for cars, we wanted to add his special mini collection in a truly spectacular way. And what better way to display them than with an innovative wall shelving system by Rimadesio? It combines a lacquered glass top with a lacquered aluminum frame that together with LED lighting make the accessories stand out in a subtle, yet luxurious way.

What do you think of this modern home office design? Want to amp up your own work-from-home space? Check out these Tips to Create an Inspiring Home Workspace and start designing your dream home office. Let us know how it goes!


Need some inspiration? Check out our Home Office Inspiration and Design Ideas and Pinterest Page to start planning and ideating your space.

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