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Mid-Century Dining Spaces in an Auberge Beach Residences Condo

In a condo with jaw-dropping views, what are important considerations when crafting that apartment’s interior design scheme? First things first, bring the outside in. Secondly, keep it simple and don’t distract from what’s on the other side of those windows. In this luxury condo in Fort Lauderdale’s Auberge Beach Residences, that’s exactly what our Miami-based interior design team did.

Our design concept, shadow refuge, draws from the shadow of a palm frond. Picture the sun streaming through the fronds of a tall, stately palm tree as a breeze wafts through it. You’ll surely look down to find its shadow dancing on the sand. There’s movement; there’s life; and there’s peace. And that was exactly the feeling we wanted to bring into our clients’ condo in the Auberge Beach Residences.

Once we had the concept in place, it was time to bring it to life. To mimic the linear shadows of a palm frond, we brought in slatted elements and natural finishes. Ready to see that in action? Well, let’s step inside the breakfast nook.

Breakfast Nook

Mid-Century dining spaces - Auberge Beach Residences
Design intent by DKOR Interiors

Just off the kitchen is a cozy little nook, perfect for family breakfasts, special occasion brunches, and even dinner for one when the rest of the family’s busy.

To set the stage, a custom round banquette and a pair of sleek chairs offer room for everyone. The upholstery and accent pillow fabric can withstand a few spills.

Behind the banquette is a floor-to-ceiling slatted screen that casts just the right shadow into the room. You’ll notice how all of the wood finishes in the room are a sandy hue—a hint at the Atlantic Ocean beaches right outside, while the pillows are a fresh green in a nod to the palm trees.

To connect the kitchen to the breakfast nook, we carried over the marble used on the kitchen counters onto the column that separates the two rooms. And instead of an overhead light, we chose a cantilevered floor lamp for a more casual look.

Everything about this room is light, bright, and laid-back. It’s the perfect family-friendly breakfast nook.

Dining Room

Mid-Century dining spaces - Auberge Beach Residences
Design intent by DKOR Interiors

In the dining room, we’ve darkened things up a bit. It’s the darker side of our concept, shadow refuge. The legs of the dining table look like the shadows of a palm frond, and the dark hues are carried through on the dining chairs and the pendant light.

To keep the look warm, natural woods are carried over into this space, on the tabletop, wall covering, and accent shelf. Warm, sandy colors are used in the artwork and on the shades of the light fixture to create a cozy feeling.

The triptych of artwork takes on another side of the shadow: In the glow of sunset, shadows get blurrier and not quite as crisp. Textured wallpaper on one wall and the ceiling adds dimension.

Loving the look of this condo in the Auberge Beach Residences? Stay tuned as we reveal more spaces. If you’re looking for more apartment interior design inspiration, check out some of our other condo designs! Sailing-inspired design dominates this Sunny Isles condo, while we took our design cues from a reef for this petite Miami apartment.

Auberge Beach Residences – Site Visit

We visited Auberge Beach in Fort Lauderdale and we fell in love with all the interior details in this luxury oceanfront building. We’ll share more photos soon, but here is a sneak peek of the building’s common areas.


Auberge Beach Residences - Common Areas


Auberge Beach Residences - Common Areas


Auberge Beach Residences - Common Areas

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