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Miami’s Top Interior Design Firm is chosen by CAVEAT for its TOP 40 Under 40 campaign

 The DKOR Team is honored to be a part of C A V E A T ‘s exciting list of 40 everyday people under the age of 40 here in Miami that are leading extraordinary lives and making a great impact on our community. As the only Miami Interior design firm on the list; we’re HONORED. So what’s this whole 40 under 40 campaign about?

In every generation there emerge an audacious few.

They are the game changers, the visionaries, the disruptive thinkers.

Fueled by purpose, these everyday rockstars comprise a collective conscious that redefines cool and inspires innovation.

They are hungry.

They are Thrashers. – WE ARE THRASHERS!!

Miami's Top Interior Design Firm

The campaign’s kick off started with an interview which took  place in C A V EA T ‘ s tailor shop in Wynwood, Miami. So you might think, what does a high end tailor and jean manufacturing company have in common with Miami’s Top Interior Design firm? Customization in every detail! We both listen to our clients and guide them to create the perfect fit for THEM.

Miami's Top Interior Design Firm

Top Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Interior Designers (3)

Stacy Glover, a self-taught fashion designer and founder of Caveat was there to meet us and tell us the story behind the company and this initiative. He shared with us that had a passion for tailoring and craftsmanship and wanted it to relate to today’s generation. What’s something that everyone in our day in age has in their closet?… JEANS!! By customizing the tailoring process of the perfect pair of jeans, the Caveat team is able to create the perfect fit for you. This means not having to try on dozens of jeans in a tiny fitting room and nearly reaching exhaustion before finding a pair that SORT OF works for you! You’ve all been there; bad lighting, tiny rooms and discouraging trials.

Top Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Interior Designers (1)

Similar to interior design, there are a lot of details to think about when designing the perfect jean that the average person might not even realize. Stacy works with you to “lift, stretch, buckle, zipper…” your perfect jean.

Top Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Interior Designers (7)

Top Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Interior Designers (4)

So many times as a designers we forget that we are actually advocates of service. This means that our act of artistry, is selfless and used to make someone else feel better. Stacy shares that philosophy and listens carefully to their clients to create something uniquely special for them. This is what makes us Miami’s Top Interior Design Firm and what makes CAVEAT, the best fitting jean around.

We really enjoyed our visit to CAVEAT and appreciate the passion behind their work. Before running to purchase your next pair of over priced designer jeans, reach out to Stacy at CAVEAT and check out what he’s doing. Support your local designers and this generation of artisans.

448 NW 28th St., Miami, 305-501-4646

Remember, this is a sneak peak behind the campaign and Stacy’s vision and there’s still so much to come.

The campaign videos will be exclusively released on as well as of course our own website 🙂

For 40 days and 40 nights the CAVEAT team will be projecting these videos on exterior walls in targeted areas here in Miami (Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Brickell, Wynwood, Design District, South Beach, etc.).

World Red Eye to cover the dinner party for event photos which will be submitted to Ocean Drive.

Deco Drive will cover video footage (interviews, snapshots, etc.) of the event.

Stay Tuned for more exciting things to come for Miami’s Top Interior Design Firm. 🙂


“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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