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Miami’s Top Decorator shares how to style the perfect shelf

We’d like to say that there’s several layers when designing a home or space and so many people underestimate the last one; decorating!!

How to style the perfect shelf with Miami’s Top decorators. At DKOR, we call this final step, “staging.” This is when all of the construction is completed, the lighting has been installed and the furniture has been delivered. You look at one of our projects at this point and it looks like a really fancy furniture showroom – NOT A HOME! Its once you perfectly set the coffee table, wrestled with dozens of pillow options and made a pristine bed that a house begins to feel like a home. Some interior designers don’t like to be bothered with these things but we think that our passion for decorating is one of the reasons that make us so special. Essentially, being Miami’s top decorator helps make us Miami’s Top Interior designers.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of staging with two of our larger projects coming to a completion. We’ve made dozens of beds and styled lots of shelves so we’d like to share with you some tips of how to master the perfect horizontal surface.

  1. Ideally  you have a plan. Unless your staging with existing pieces (and even then a plan is a good idea). You want to have a plan that will help you have everything you need on hand when you begin to stage your shelf.
  2. Be okay with negative space. What we mean by this is, not every shelf has to have something on it. Balance it out with shelves that don’t necessarily have anything on them.
  3. Mix and match shapes & textures. Unless you’re showcasing a collection of things; play around with different objects with different shapes to create balance. Mix and match metal objects with glass and other materials to create an effortless combination of “found objects.”
  4. If organizing books; combine them with found objects. Try setting some upright and stacking a few others, combined with found objects.
  5.  We like to incorporate plants too. This is something we saw a lot of in Isaloni last year.

We thought it would be really nice to share with  you a recent installation we did with a picture ledge. This is your favorite Miami’s Top decorators did it 🙂

Step 1: We drew an elevation of the wall and determined the ideal length of the shelf and how many frames we thought would be the right balance. Carter-Picture Ledge 11 25 14_Page_4

Step 2: We chose the pieces we thought would work for the space. These were an affordable version from

Top Miami Decorators Style_Page_1

Step 3: We fabricated a ledge (of course this can be purchased) and took into account the perfect depth. To determine this, you need to consider the thickness of the frames and what their total dimension will be once they’re stacked. Then add an extra inch. Each one of our frames was 1″ thick. Carter-Picture Ledge 11 25 14_Page_5

Step 4: We placed them! Things on site always tend to be a bit different than what we might plan for but don’t be afraid to improvise.


Need more inspiration? check out more examples of how we did it in other Miami and Fort Lauderdale Interior design projects.

Top Miami Decorator 2
In these cubes we balanced negative space and different objects combining solid shapes with more open objects.
Top Miami Decorator 1
These bold colored shelves did not need much. Know when to STOP adding stuff!
Top Miami Decorator 4
This is a great example where we added a touch of green. Candles are a great touch too, just make sure you don’t have another shelf close above once you turn them on.

Share with us your DIY projects!


“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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