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Miami Home Design: Relocating During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Miami Home Design Services


In the middle of a global pandemic—when we’re uncertain, worried about what the future holds—certain things became clear. Above all, our family’s well-being and having a safe place to call home rose to the top as our No. 1 priority.

Like many other families facing the COVID-19 pandemic in big, busy cities, our clients decided to relocate. High school sweethearts, originally from South Florida but living in New York City when the pandemic hit, packed their belongings and moved back to Florida with their two kids for the foreseeable future.

They were seeking safety, space, and a sense of normalcy. But they also wanted to minimize the impact on their kids’ quality of life, so they bought a home in Miami that met their basic living needs.

They didn’t know how long they’d be using their new home in Miami as a primary residence; they did know that it needed to feel like home no matter the length of their stay.

Their Miami home design needed to be updated with functional, beautiful, comfortable, and well-equipped spaces that could suit the family in both the near- and long-term. They knew that with everything going on, they needed to turn to professionals.

As soon as they landed, they started researching for the best interior designers in the Miami area. Thanks to our well-developed processes, we, at DKOR, were ready and able to help our new clients during this challenging time. We worked together—successfully completing the entire design process virtually.

Miami Home Design Inspiration



Color Palette – Interior Design


Material Selections


Our client wanted to highlight her artistic side and love of quality family time in their Miami home design. We were inspired by the concept of pottery abstractions, where nature and arts converge.

Each space was designed with comfort and functionality in mind, creating a complete home with a unique personality that was immediately ready to be enjoyed by the entire family. No breaking in process. No precious, formal rooms. Only family-friendly design and function.

Relocating in the midst of COVID-19 wasn’t just the reality for our clients, but a lot of New Yorkers. This new reality, in which the home is the center, is the safe space, and where we’re spending the majority of our time, has put in perspective where and how families want to live.

The value we place on the design and functionality of our homes has risen exponentially, marking a new phase for the interior design industry. We as professionals are adapting and figuring out new ways to deliver on these new needs—right now and in the future.

Our clients are our Miami-based firm’s best example of a new perspective on the value of a well-designed home. A home must provide protection and safety to our families in any difficult circumstance. Many will choose to invest in a second home, where they can temporarily reside, allowing them to live between cities and achieve peace of mind.

In Progress – Photos

Miami Home Design: Relocating During the Coronavirus Pandemic
During site visits, we took all necessary precautions to keep our clients and our team safe while we inspected the project’s progress.


Miami Home Design: Relocating During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Visualizing how the furniture selections will look like together


Miami Home Design: Relocating During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Miami Home Design: Relocating During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Receiving furniture and getting ready to staging day

Stay tuned as we will share final photos of this Miami home soon!

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“Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for."

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