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Miami Beach Luxury Interiors in the Works

We’ve been remodeling this Miami Beach luxury apartment for our clients, a young, international family who wants to enjoy south Florida on vacation.

The design concept of this vacation home is based on natural crystals — the clients feel attracted to the elegance and glamour of these stones — so we incorporated these principles throughout the apartment.

This is an open-concept home, so our DKORistas’ design challenge was trying to keep all the components as cohesive as possible, but still unique in their own right. While we were conscious about choosing cost-efficient pieces for this second home, our main goal was to create an elegant and luxurious environment for our clients to enjoy. These South Beach luxury interiors are also kid-friendly, of course, as our clients have small children who will be enjoying the Florida lifestyle as well.

Ready to see what our DKORistas have dreamed up with? We’ll start with the common areas.

Miami Beach Luxury Interiors


Miami Beach Luxury Interiors - Foyer Design


In the entry foyer of these South Beach luxury interiors, we integrated a floor-to-ceiling mirror to open up the space. Perfect to welcome guests in with open arms. A slim console table has a small footprint and provides functional storage. Overhead, a contemporary white flush mount looks just like crystals — a perfect tie-in to the design concept — and casts beautiful shadows on the ceiling when illuminated.

We created an accent wall using, believe it or not, wallpaper that looks like wood accented with applied wood creating geometric patterns. An abstract art piece in shades of blue and white references the home’s design theme as well, setting the tone for the Miami Beach luxury inside.


Miami Beach Luxury Interiors - Foyer Design




In the kitchen, a stunning marble countertop takes center stage, perfect for the clients gathering with their kids for a quick meal. Gray wood accents the marble, while above, gray-tinged white lacquer paint adorns the cabinets.

You’ll notice that in the open-concept area, we specified wood and lacquer colors to be the same, but managed to do it without being too boring or repetitive. We incorporated special elements into each area, giving them something unique to make them interesting individually.

Finishing touches in the kitchen, like a linear glass pendant light and more crystal-inspired artwork, tie in the brilliance of luxury.


Living Room Design Intent


In the great room, a TV wall is the main attraction. To create this we used wood-like wallpaper again as a dramatic backdrop, while choosing a modern, glossy white TV unit — cohesive with the kitchen and entryway.

The floor lamp in this area is modern but still delicate. And along with the greenery, it gives the space a fresh and unique touch. Modern furnishings will be placed in a functional way for the family. Pieces are all resilient enough for the kids but still elegant-looking for this Miami Beach luxury apartment.


Miami Beach Luxury Interiors - Living Room


Stay tuned for more details on this Luxe South Beach apartment as we get ready to unveil the final spaces. Soon, we’ll share more about the kids and master bedrooms  here on the blog. So, stay tuned to check them out!

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